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    Time is Running Out! Current Pre-Sale Prices End In Just 4 More Days!

    Estimated to now ship somewhere between July 30th, 2021 and August 21st, 2021 *Pre-Order Now at Hi Everyone, Time is running out to get your lowest price on Boss Bands & Boss Loops. Current pre-sale prices end in just 4 more days on July 9th. Update: 7-5-21: We also want...
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    Boss Bands Are Not Just for Strength & Toning.

    Boss Bands are not just for Strength & toning. In this pic from Boss Bands Total Body, Cathe demonstrates one of the many ways Boss Bands can be used to increase flexibility during the workout's stretching routine. Flexibility begins to decrease early in life, around the age of 12, and...
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    Boss Bands Can Even Be Used For Stretching & Flexibility Exercises

    This pic of Cathe is from her Boss Bands Total Body workout during the stretch segment at the end of the workout. Boss Bands can not only be used for resistance training but can also help you increase your flexibility. Cathe's Boss Bands & Loops: For Everybody • Go Anywhere Learn more or...
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    Boss Resistance Bands work your muscles in a very different way than free weights do

    This pic is from Cathe's Boss Bands Total Body workout. Resistance bands work your muscles in a very different way than free weights do. They are better for keeping tension on the muscles throughout their entire range of motion, as well as for accommodating natural strength arcs. The ability to...