1. forum_admin

    Sign up for the Daytona Beach Road Trip Starts Tomorrow

    Sign up for the Daytona Beach Road Trip starts tomorrow Friday, February 24th at 1pm eastern! Space is limited to the first 120 people to sign up. Learn more at: On Friday Feb 24th a "Buy Ticket" button will appear on our information and signup page (click on link above)...
  2. Cathe Friedrich

    Thanks For Coming!

    Another RoadTrip has come and gone and just like after every RoadTrip, I can't help but feel a bit saddened by the inevitable shift in energy and excitement once we get back home and settle into our daily routines. There simply is NO replacing the high you experience while on a Daytona...
  3. forum_admin

    Download Your 2015 Daytona Road Trip Picture

    We've now posted nearly 500 full resolution pictures from the 2015 Daytona Road Trip that you can download for free from our Flickr account. Just click on the link below and select from the four Daytona 2105 Road Trip Albums to see and download the picture you...
  4. forum_admin

    Daytona 2015 Cathe Road Trip Group shot

    Group shot of the 2015 Daytona Road Trip attendees. Today is a busy day, so get ready to crush some calories Cathletes! We will post some more pictures later. Visit our Facebook Fan Page for more pictures.