Sign up for the Daytona Beach Road Trip Starts Tomorrow


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Sign up for the Daytona Beach Road Trip starts tomorrow Friday, February 24th at 1pm eastern! Space is limited to the first 120 people to sign up. Learn more at:

On Friday Feb 24th a "Buy Ticket" button will appear on our information and signup page (click on link above) at 1pm eastern, but you will need to refresh your page to see it. In some cases you may need to clear your browsers cache to see the button. We will also post direct links to the registration form on facebook and our Road Trip forum just in case you have trouble seeing the "Buy Ticket" button.

Four Important Things:
1. Only click the final processing button once. Once you click the button it will take 30 seconds or longer to process.
2. Make sure you use a credit card that expires after 9-1-17.
3. Make sure to read our cancellation policy.
4. Only 1 person may sign up per registration.
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