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    Help me name my puppy

    Peeve So you can tell people she's your pet, Peeve. Shari
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    why do I look pretty in mirrors (some) but ugly in photos

    To add to this discussion, I have a theory that those of us with really animated facial expressions tend to get caught by the camera in the midst of them. Once I started pondering this question myself a while back, I realized I could "feel" myself scrunching my face up, wrinkling my nose...
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    Help on beating heat cramps

    Eat plenty of bananas. It worked for my son, anyway. It may be a salt/potassium imbalance due to heavy perspiration. Eating bananas is an easy, safe, natural thing you can try that won't hurt you and may just cure you. It sure fixed him. Eat a banana or two every day, but eat an extra one...
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    Jewelry making?

    I don't make jewelry, but I have a friend who makes stunning chain mail and beaded chain mail jewelry. I had never heard of it until I saw her working with the rings one day. It's lovely; not at all tacky (in many cases), as the name implies. :) See examples here...
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    Liquid zinc: immediate side effects?

    Here's a link that discusses the symptoms of zinc poisoning. Please check into this right away. I've also heard that overdoses of zinc can cause you to lose your sense of smell, although that is just a rumor. This website should be...
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    Food Scale? Yay or Nay?

    I used mine faithfully for many, many years. Nowadays I just pull it out every few weeks to keep myself honest. Those portion sizes tend to creep up pretty quickly. Shari (maintaining a 100 pound loss for 10 years)
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    Looking for a scale with body fat measurement

    I have an expensive Tanita scale that does a beautiful job of weighing me accurately. As for measuring body fat, though . . . not so much. It does do a good job of telling me whether I'm hydrated or not, but that's about it. The supposed "body fat" measurement appears to fluctuate only with...
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    Thyroid and Selenium

    Here's info on selenium and selenium toxicity from the CDC: Shari
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    losing wt with hypothyroid

    My thyroid numbers are perfect, but it's still a struggle to lose weight. I can lose it, but there's no leeway. I have to behave perfectly, and still it's very slow. I average half a pound a week and often go several weeks at a time without losing any at all. Then I'll have a "big" loss of a...
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    How long did it take for you

    Make sure you are measuring/weighing your food. Portions have a tendency to creep up on you. Also, keep a food journal. You might be surprised at how the stick of gum here, the coffee creamer there add up. If you're doing all those things and still not losing weight, you might have your...
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    Why does the scale hold power over me? (long)

    If it's any consolation, I once destroyed my scale with a sledgehammer. Seriously. It felt good too! I bought another one within a week. If you think you panic when you have a scale, imagine what you'll do when you don't! Just be sure you have a good one. No sense agonizing over a scale...
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    Check out this RIDICULOUS photoshopped pic

    I love the About Face website. What a great idea to educate little girls and improve their self-esteem. I always wonder, though, why we're only addressing half this issue. Who are all the bikini ads and beer commercials and men's magazines for? Why do all the women think they have to look...
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    Teachers do you feel offended , . . .

    I think you are in much the same situation the teachers are in these days. Like the other teachers who have weighed in, I am shocked when I DO find volunteers or receive the things I ask for, even before the economic crisis kicked in. The only reason I bother to send out letters is because...
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    STS shocked the hair off my head! Telogen Effluvium anyone?

    Anyone else deal with this? I've already prepared myself by listing all the positives of being bald, like no bad hair days, zero time spent on fixing hair, playing with different wigs, making myself hats, etc. :D Until then, or until my hair starts to magically grow again, I think I'm going to...
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    I just got a chain saw!

    I LOVE my chainsaw. It makes me feel so strong. We were laughing the other day because my hubby and his best friend were leaning against the truck talking about canning and salsa recipes while I was chopping wood. We were all quite content. BTW, I have no idea what kind of chainsaw it is. I...