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    Cathe, best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    Get well soon Cathe!!!
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    STS question

    I use a weighted vest and dumbells rather than a squat rack/barbell for legs in Mesocycle 3, just a suggestion, not sure if it would work for you or not. Hopefully someone else has good ideas :)
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    Announcing Cathe's New Workouts & Boss Bands & Loops

    I'm really looking forward to these! I love band workouts, and I'm always grateful for low impact. Yay!!!!
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    Anyone hoping Cathe announces new workouts soon?

    I can't wait to preorder, these look so great!!!
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    new series in the works????

    I can't wait for this, I hope we hear more information soon!!! I love new Cathe videos!!!
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    Slide N Glide 2

    Yes! I love slide and glide!!!
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    Ice 2

    I love ICE too and love step workouts, I totally agree with this suggestion! Good one ReneePruitt!
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    Perfect Flow Mobility Basics

    I love this workout, it is great to find all my areas where I need to really work! I'll be doing this one over and over.
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    Video Clip From Cathe's Perfect HiiT High Impact Workout

    I am looking forward to this series so much, this one especially! Looks tough! You rock Cathe!
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    April 2020 Rotation - Not in Workout Manager

    "The Workout Manager is not working for me. Nothing comes up and I can't see the calendar or anything else. Do you have an ETA when this may be fixed? It's been this way since yesterday. The Workout Manager is my workout bible and dairy. Thank you!!!" I have been having the same problem, good...
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    Step Sync First Impressions

    I love Step Sync! Step with choreography is my favorite, and this workout is so fun! I'm looking forward to doing Imax4 and PHA3 soon :)! Thanks Cathe for so many years of great workouts!
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    Video Clip From STEP BOSS Step Sync

    I'm looking forward to this workout so much, I love step choreography! Thanks for the great workouts Cathe!!!