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    Prayers For ReneePruitt

    I'm so sorry Renee. Prayers for you and your baby....
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    Saline Infusion Sonohysterography

    I've had this procedure before. It's honestly not that bad. I had some cramping afterwards but went right back to the office. Best of luck to you....
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    Drop Two Sizes DVD Program - Rachel Cosgrove

    Hi, You should visit Video Fitness Forum. There's several threads discussing this program. Also, there are several online deals (discussed there) going on. TMJ
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    Thanks all!!
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    Pre-order charging?

    Remind me again...did my credit card get charged for the pre-order yet or when it ships?:o
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    Does anyone use Kinetic Flix for DVD rentals

    I've heard that turn around time is pretty slow. In a month, you'd probably only get to try 2-3 workouts tops. It's a good idea though....honestly I wish there was someone nearby to me that I could exchange DVDs with.
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    Just sayin'

    Cool! I did Burnsets Bi+ Tri plus some steady state cardio on the bike.
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    What is the likelihood that new workouts will ship the week of Sep 2nd? I'm away and would be worried they would sit.... Is this even concievable? I must be the only person that doesn't want them to come.....:rolleyes: Thanks, TMJ
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    Where to find Golashes

    I haven't heard that word in forever! My dad wore those when I was young. :) I have never seen them for women. I would bet you would need to order them online. Looks like the brand Totes makes them (they make gloves, umbrellas, etc). Google it and see. Try "galoshes overshoes" as a...
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    Streaming Cathe?

    Yes please! From the newsletter, it looks like they'll be streaming Cathe classes. It will be pay per view/monthly subscription but hopefully not exhorbitant! Hope it's up and running for the Road Trip! Yay! How fun!
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    Push It

    Hi, The last 2 days have been too hot to workout inside so I've done 20 min walks outside in the AM before it gets too hot. It's nice to take it outside for a change. Will catch up with personals later.... TmJ
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    Total Body Trisets or High Reps

    I love High Reps. It's one of my favorite Cathes and it flies by. I find there's too much ball work in TriSets (using the ball for lifting) for my liking.
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    Best Cathe DVDs for Small Workout Area

    I work out in a 7x7 (ft) area and haven't met a Cathe I couldn't do.
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    Too hot to workout

    It's been in the upper 90s/100s here and we only have AC in the bedroom (thank God!!!). This morning I got up and it was so hot in the basement where I work out, I decided to go outside and walk. It was actually cooler.
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    Push It

    Happy Canada Day!!! Today I did 4 fast miles with Leslie. I used a playlist from Grooveshark. The beats were often off which was a bummer but it was nice to listen to good music. I have my weigh in tomorrow. I peeked today and it looks promising. :) This weekend will be a test for...