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    Cathe's Perfect Flow Mobility Basics Workout

    I am really looking forward to the new workouts, especially this one. I deal with stress by running, so this entire year has been nothing but running. My hips and hamstrings are very tight as a result. I need the motivation to put on my workout shoes instead of running shoes and lots of...
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    low pulse rate question

    My husband's stress test was covered by insurance, he had weird heart rhythms, turned out to just be the way he is wired (after several more tests). Apparently abnormal can be normal. We had a copay of $100, however, every insurance is different. I had a sleep test done because my resting...
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    PHA2 not populating calendar on workout manager

    I am having the same issue. Thankfully the details show to the right of the calendar when I click on the day, so I know my workout was logged. I do like to see the icons though, I feel like I haven't done much without them :).
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    Diamonds in the Rough Check In

    I'm sorry you have to deal with the flu. We went through that in January and it felt like it stuck around forever. I hope you all feel better soon! I have just been running and walking so I haven't been reporting my workouts. I really wanted to get back into weight lifting since I know that...
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    Diamonds in the Rough Check In

    RapidBreath, the tamiflu the doctor gave me seemed to really help. Thankfully I didn't get a secondary infection. I have been walking a lot, no running, I've just been so tired. I did finally do an "official" workout today. I did time saver 4 on PHA Training. That 25 minutes was all I could...
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    Diamonds in the Rough Check In

    I have been sidelined due to the flu. Ugh, I was really looking forward to getting back into a routine! I am feeling much better today but still really dizzy. I think it will be several more days before I try anything more rigorous than trying to catch up on life. I hope everyone is doing well!!
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    Diamonds in the Rough Check In

    Melanie - Training for a half in May or June is a lot! Make sure your knee is ready. I love getting new running shoes, it is inspirational! MrsDitchen - I'm jealous, I have never been able to work out early in the morning. I get nauseous no matter what. I put 4.5 miles in on the treadmill...
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    Diamonds in the Rough Check In

    RapidBreath: I had migraines everyday for years, turns out I can't handle eating any form of processed glutamates like msg, yeast extract, caramel color, etc... Once those migraines cleared up I discovered the florescent lights and perfumes also do me in. I hear you on the glasses, I have a...
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    Diamonds in the Rough Check In

    Rapid, I hope you are feeling better today! Sounds like a rough week! I have been using my treadmill consistently, but my treadmill was the only thing I could really use easily in my workout room. I have spent the last several days cleaning up in there, I had books everywhere, I'm not sure...
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    I need a new beginners check in

    I am also starting over with weight training. I tore my shoulder in several places almost 2 years ago. I went through PT, then had a fall and injured my back. I had to do PT again because my shoulder froze while I was wheel chair bound. I have been given the green light to weight lift again...
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    Happy Birthday Cathe

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day and an amazing year!
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    Green tea

    I really like Tattle Tea Organic Ceylon Green Tea, I buy it from Amazon. I am a black tea convert and found most green teas to be either too grassy or too sweet. This one is balanced to me. I did learn early on that I can't brew green tea as hot as black tea or it becomes very bitter!
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    Nia Shanks

    Thank you for all of the info! I am going to review them one more time with your post in mind!
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    Nia Shanks

    I have been following this thread and was ready to purchase BBA, then LWF2 was mentioned... Now I can't decide! About how long do the BBA workouts run? Thanks! Tonya
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    No stats again

    I am also not seeing stats for the month, all dashes. Below "My 2014 Stats" is the box for "Cathelete Stats". Under Workouts for the month there are only 6 people listed, distance shows "no records".