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    STS: 2.0 update

    Woo Hoo!!! Thanks for the update! Sounds great!!!❤️❤️‍
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    About My New Workout Series

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    Our 380th Cathe Live Broadcast

    This one looks good and has some new moves! Thanks for your thoughts, Jennifer. Cathe is not wearing her glasses in this - contacts? That's a good sign!! :0)
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    Circular yoga mat “slipperiness”

    I can understand that…once I tried the smallest pair of grippy socks I could find, they were good and didn’t slip or cut into my toes. So, I guess, YMMV. ;)
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    Circular yoga mat “slipperiness”

    I use these grippy socks with all my yoga mats. They truly make a difference with the slipping...
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    Will Cathe make more videos with the Boss Bands/Loops?

    I have done Cathe’s Fit Tower Boot Camp and used the Boss Bands and my FW band and they worked great! I also used them during LITE Body Weight and Bands workout.
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    Cathe Live Rotations?

    2lazy4gym (a blogger from this site) has included some Live Rotations. Love her blog as well as fitnessmystyle's blog! They both review a lot of Cathe's workouts which I really enjoy reading.
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    Workout cards?

    Haha, I do both the index card inside the case AND the notebook for each series! I keep notes as to what weights used, etc. and what premixes are favorites. Works for me and I enjoy doing so! :) Yes, I am so old school! LOL
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    Question about Cathe's future use of 'boss bands,' lack of use of blue loop in Boss Bands.

    FYI, Cathe‘s Sept 23 Live class is a metabolic workout using the Boss bands and loops. Sounds fun!
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    Cathe's Switch It Up Bootcamp Live Workout

    I’m purchasing this one!! Looks so fun with all the toys! ❤️
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    Cathe Boss Bands & Loops User's Guide

    I love the looks of the low impact rotation!!!!
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    Boss Bands and Loops PHA?

    Love this idea!!! ❤️
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Intense Upper Body Live Workout

    Yes, so great to see Al (all tan and chained!) in another Live! :0) This class looks like another goodie!!
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    My July “Eye” Update

    Great to hear! Praying everything gets back to normal, Cathe!