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    Cathe's STS 2.0 Active Recovery Workout

    Yay, I love the gorilla move! It’s included in some of my other mobility workouts… yes, I do think this one may be a little sweaty!! ;)
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    News Flash

    I’m so glad your surgery went well, Cathe! Please take care of yourself and wish you a speedy recovery. So sweet of you to have some Lives lined up in the meantime! Sending hugs and well wishes!!
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    Rear delt flys and a barbell version of a rear delt row in the STS 2.0

    Yes! I have never seen that move before grabbing the plates like that!! Creative!
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    Elevated Lunges in Cathe's STS Single Body Part Leg Workout

    But that’s like telling us not to breathe! You KNOW they’ll be pulses….hopefully no low ends, though!! ;)
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    New Balance Disc?

    I would say the BOSU would be a better substitute for the step with very basic/athletic choreography step workouts that might utilize weights and/or other equipment in a circuit, etc. as opposed to workouts with just complex choreography that focus on the footwork. I do not have Cathe‘s step...
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    New Balance Disc?

    I so wish Cathe would do some workouts using the BOSU!! It has so many uses - balance, easier for joints, strength (holding it out and overhead), core work and using it to replace step. Can you tell I LOVE my BOSU?? :cool::):D
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    This Pic Is From Cathe's STS Phase 2 Upper Body #2 Workout

    Thank you for clarifying. DVD’s it is!
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    This Pic Is From Cathe's STS Phase 2 Upper Body #2 Workout

    Premixes are available if you purchase the DVDS… they are not available if you purchase the Downloads, correct? Someone correct me if that’s not the case….
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    Workout Series for Menopause/Post Menopause (Based on Cathe's advice in her recent article)

    I second this!! What a great idea…I’m well into Menopause, but I would definitely relish a new series with this focus.
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    STS: 2.0 update

    Woo Hoo!!! Thanks for the update! Sounds great!!!❤️❤️‍
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    About My New Workout Series

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    Our 380th Cathe Live Broadcast

    This one looks good and has some new moves! Thanks for your thoughts, Jennifer. Cathe is not wearing her glasses in this - contacts? That's a good sign!! :0)
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    Circular yoga mat “slipperiness”

    I can understand that…once I tried the smallest pair of grippy socks I could find, they were good and didn’t slip or cut into my toes. So, I guess, YMMV. ;)
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    Circular yoga mat “slipperiness”

    I use these grippy socks with all my yoga mats. They truly make a difference with the slipping...