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    Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other

    I finally set some time aside and went through this! I'm also feeling absurdly shy up in here. Name / Forum Name: Suzy Baldwin / soozies Email Address / FB Address Previous Road Trips None – this will be my first Where...
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    Glassboro RT Facebook group.

    Me too, please :) Suzy Baldwin Message me if you can't find me
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    Holy SNOW!

    I'm in New Haven CT...we have 34" or so, with 4'+ in drifts in my driveway. My normally busy street is under a thick blanket. It's 2pm now, it stopped snowing around 8 a.m. I haven't seen a plow yet; I understand most of them are stuck somewhere or if they can drive, they are cleaning major...
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    My workouts lately

    I do actually enjoy the shoveling. Functional fitness! Looks like I'm going to have the Nemo workout soon.
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    Anybody Else....

    I want to slap Andrea. She makes me cringe. Bad taste in men. And crying? I wept when Sophia came out. I balled when Rick and Shane went out and only one came back. I straight up SOBBED for over an hour when Lori was on the floor of that boiler room, and Carl did what he had to do, and then...
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    Anybody Else....

    OHHHMMMMYYGGOOOOD I can't wait! Did everyone see the Superbowl commercial with Daryl in it? **squeals** -Suzy
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    What other websites do you love??

    Yay! Another Ravelry fan! There's tons of free patterns, help on all yarn issues, and even a great swap system. I haven't been really active on there in a long while, but I'm "slipstitchsuzy" I also love: Amazon - I have a shopping problem for science-y things slate...
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    Best cold remedies

    Mucinex-D is what works best for me for daytime. I also go with a generic NyQuil before bed, so I can get some sleep. Do not operate heavy machinery on that stuff. If I have just a cold with congestion, I comfort myself with a extra spicy curry chicken noodle soup from a downtown noodle house...
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    So, what is your fav Xtrain workout?

    I just reached Supercuts in my rotation yesterday. Holy moley! I think that's my new fave, with Cardio Leg Blast right behind it.
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    Kale Chips make me HUNGRY!!

    Kale chips DO make me hungry....for MORE kale chips! :)
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    Can you?

    Yikes! I think I also am nowhere near those numbers, heck, I don't even have that much weight in my workout area, hahaha. I'm thinking those are numbers more suited toward powerlifters, bodybuilders and crossfit crowd. It's also not clear how many reps those numbers require. I'm also willing...
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    Cathe TV is back..what would u like to see?

    I'd love to see all these ideas! And: quick recipes, menus, or healthy eating tips while dining out & traveling. Or: crew profiles. I see you and the crew every day in my house, but know so little about you all, lol! And: bloopers & out takes. I'm sure some really funny things go on while...
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    iPad app problem

    Is anyone else experiencing issues with the forum app for iPad? I am able to access forums in my browser on the iPad, but when i open the app itself, each tab along the bottom will only respond once, then freeze. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app but still have the same issue. I am...
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    How do you achieve Cathlete or Cathiete status

    ooh, I was just wondering the same! I thought it was some double-secret club, hahaha! Actually, I already feel like I'm in the club and the keeper of a great secret: people ask me, 'oh, where do you work out?' and I reply, 'Have you ever heard of Cathe?' -- to which I usually get a puzzled look...
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    Anyone go through vein stripping?

    I had my varicose veins removed / worked on last year. They performed "Endovenous Laser Ablation of the Refluxing Vein" on them --they inserted a fiber in the veins and lasered them closed. I had a large area on the inside of my upper thigh, and along the front of the lower shin and leg. Post...