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    2nd pregnancy is hard

    Hi ladies!! Hope everyone is doing well! I got to enjoy a few weeks of feeling pretty good. The last few days I’m back to being frustrated:(. I’m starting to swell, my back is killing me and I can’t finish a work out to save my life! I see why most women have all their babies by now (I’m...
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    2nd pregnancy is hard

    Jury is still out on Yoga Burn. Before I got pregnant, i wanted to incorporate more yoga into my routine. I have been lifting weights with Cathe for over a decade and to do any upper body exercises that just require body weight is still such a challenge. I did a class at a work event that had...
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    2nd pregnancy is hard

    Good for you keeping up on the workouts! I would say that’s a major accomplishment. Happy Easter! Enjoy your announcement!
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    2nd pregnancy is hard

    I discovered sea bands on the last week I was nauseous. They seemed to work well!! Glad to hear you guys are hanging in there! I’m going to be 17 weeks tomorrow. Still get tired but much better than I was! Life has been a little nutty so workouts have been sort of short but I’m getting them...
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    2nd pregnancy is hard

    1 step forward, 2 steps back. I was feeling great yesterday. Worked out for a whole hour! I did ICE kickbox with muscle meltdown triceps. My son was up all night throwing up last night :( This morning I was going to do another ice w/ muscle meltdown. It just didn’t happen. Ugh
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    Yoga burn

    I’ve been wanting to incorporate more yoga into my workouts but struggle to find time to do both. Has anyone tried Yoga Burn? Just curious how it is. I’m not a yoga expert, but I’m not really a beginner since I’m pretty fit from my years working out with Cathe. I struggle most with balance...
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    2nd pregnancy is hard

    Sorry, I’m just now reading this!!! I’m now 15 weeks and doing a little better. I’m not as nauseous but still pretty tired but slightly better than I was. I’m at least feeling more like myself which is good, because it really sucked for awhile. I’ve decreased my weights a bit and have been...
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    2nd pregnancy is hard

    I’m looking for others experiences and maybe some reassurance. My first pregnancy was such a breeze. I wasn’t sick, I wasn’t tired, with the exception of a few “growing “ pains I was myself. I worked out all the time, up until the day before I delivered! I had an emergency c section with a super...
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    Timesaver premix with calorie crush

    I live in the country where the internet isn’t so great, so I don’t get to blend my workouts. Every new series that comes out, I always hope that you include the “calorie crush” in a timesaver option. What I mean is, if the regular workout is 50 min long and the calorie crush is 10 min long, can...
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    New Series

    I’ve done cardio party and body weight and bands so far. I’m coming off a couple injuries and I’m having adrenal/hormone issues. Intense cardio is the last thing I need right now. Cathe has so many intense cardio workouts that I think cardio party is a nice change in pace. The name doesn’t...
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    Bicep question

    I have been doing Cathe workouts since 2009. I have all her workouts from sts to today and a few from before sts. I’ve definitely hit a plateau with increasing my weights. I’ve been lifting the same amount for a long time now. I was doing ripped with hiit back, shoulders and biceps...
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    Need to find some yoga

    Thanks! Will check it out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Need to find some yoga

    There are some days i just want to do yoga. I have both of Cathes yoga DVDs, but I want something different. I don’t get to yoga classes very often, but I recently did a really fast paced one with a lot of upper body /core focus (lots of planks etc) and I was breathing heavy and sweating. I want...
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    Workouts with no-equipment

    Travel fit I think is one from shock cardio series. Yoga max and yoga relax I love doing when at the beach! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Is there any yoga workouts on cathe live?

    I had cathe live for a period but found my internet to be too poor out in the country to use it, so I cancelled. I’m going to the beach next week and love doing yoga on the beach. Was wondering if there were any yoga workouts on cathe live? I will have to resubscribe if there are. Sent from...