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    Latex content of bands and loops

    Thanks, I was wondering the same thing. I find it really distracting when the loops roll up and pinch if used above the knees. It will be interesting to see if the new ones are any easier to slip on/off than the old ones, but I'll probably still need to press pause sometimes.
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    How do you store your downloads?

    I store mine on an external portable hard drive. The drive plugs into my Macbook via a USB port. I find it works best when I connect the Macbook to my TV directly through an HDMI cable. This setup works really well for me but it wouldn't work well for traveling. You have to make sure itunes...
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    Question about organization of downloads

    I organize them as Movies, then I add them to a new Playlist I create for each series. When I first download them and add them to my itunes library, they come in by default as Home Movies. Then I change them to Movies. I click on Info, then then Options and then I changing the Media Type from...
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    barbell weight plates

    I believe this is correct, based on an earlier post that showed the brand she used. I have a similar issues, since my bar is 15 lbs with no plates on it so there's about a 12 lb starting difference for me. Bar Weight - 3.3 Large Plate -11 Medium Large Plate -5.5 Small Plate 2.2 I translated...
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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    ICE was a lifesaver for me when I practically stopped working out for over a year and then committed to working my way back into shape. The series came out at just the right moment, what a godsend. The most helpful part was to have a variety of videos and short premixes that allowed me to...
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    Fit Split Push Day Fits Your Busy Schedule

    Another big yes for a total body strength premix.
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    DVD Format..did it change for Ice?

    I was having a similar problem and I also have an old Sony DVD player. Two discs wouldn't load/play at all (Bootcamp and Metabolic Total Body). Both discs got past the first two warning screens and then just locked up. Low Impact Sweat played, but not all the way through. The other four seemed...
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    SNM LIS Premixes

    You are an angel for compiling and posting all this! Thank you so, so much!
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    SNM PreMix Chapters Please!

    Perfect! Thank you, you guys are the best.
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    SNM PreMix Chapters Please!

    Thanks, I saw that great post too, but it didn't quite do the trick. The times and the titles are part of the story, but what's missing is knowing which download chapters are excluded from the premix. For instance, Yoga Relax has 13 chapters on the download, like "Standing Torso Stretches" and...
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    SNM PreMix Chapters Please!

    Can you please let me know which chapters on the downloads correspond to the premixes on the DVDs? I only have the downloads, but Cathe refers to some of the premix chapters (like Yoga Relax Express) in her November rotation. All I know is the length of times of the downloads, because I can...
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    NOV 2011 Low Impact Series Rotation

    Which chapters are used in Yoga Relax Express Workout used in the 5 day rotation? I just have the downloads, which don't include the premixes.
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    April 2011 Rotation

    Can't wait to get started Thanks Cathe! Looks like another fantastic month! You are a doll for posting these rotations. They really help me stay on track. I was hoping for a circuit workout especially. :) :)
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    Question about METS in new workouts

    METS feel off to me too I totally agree! Some seem too high; others too low. I did Cardio Core Circuit today - killer! I'd give it an 8 at least. No way does it feel like only a 7 to me. That 4th round is brutal. It was nice to read that someone else felt the same way! I did MMA Fusion a...
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    STS Total Body Workout Card

    The workout card doesn't show the warm up exercises. Can it be added? Also, the wide stance deadlifts on the video are done using barbells, but the workout card shows dumbbells. Thanks! This is a great workout! Very challenging, fast-paced and fun.