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    Slide & Glide disc problem

    Is anyone having problems with the discs, while in the covers, not sliding well on puzzle mat floor? They slide well at first but then the covers keep popping off in the middle of an exercise, very frustrating. They will not slide at all without the covers. Is there something I could spray...
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    Cathletes - We're going to Disney World

    I'm so sad :-(, I already have plans to be in Boston on those dates! I will miss all the other Cathletes. Maybe Atlanta if it comes through at a later date?
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    Thank you Cathe for coming to my town! It was so great to meet you and your staff. I hope you all found our little area of Texas to be friendly and fun. Too bad you didn't get a chance to tour the Blue Bell Ice Cream factory, they give you free ice cream at the end *wink wink*. Maybe a...
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    Impressions of a 1st time Road Tripper

    Sorry that I misspelled Cathletes. I guess I'll have to do extra reps next time as a penalty :D
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    Impressions of a 1st time Road Tripper

    Hi Everyone, I live local, so as I was leaving my house heading for the resort I was excited and nervous at the same time. It's always nerve wracking to attend an event where you know absolutely no one, but I kept telling myself, "we are all Cathe fans, it will be all right." One of the...
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    What's the most cost effective way to go to/from the airport

    Getting back to the airport Hey Gals, Because I live local (15 min from the venue) I can probably help out anyone who may need a ride down to Bush Intercontinental. Depending on how many folks need a ride I can either drive my car or the Hubby's SUV. Sorry if you are flying out of Hobby...
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    Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other

    A Photo (attachment on this forum -so cool!) Name / Forum Name: Candy Martin / sacwmartin Email Address / FB Address (not necessary - can pm for privacy) Previous Road Trips none Where your from and family (again only if comfortable) I live with my husband and 2...
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    Attention Texas Road Trippers

    Cathe, Even if it is dark are almost there, the trails are safe in that area especially for a large group. We could probably walk from the resort over toward the Market Street/Waterway area which is beautiful and very well lit. That area has become the Woodlands signature area. I say...