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    Older - Low Impact Step was so much fun

    Low Max pre-mix step only and Low Impact Circuit pre-mix step only are both loads of fun.
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    Does focus make a difference?

    It is so hot I'm having run a loud fan while working out. I can still hear Cathe, but the music is hard to hear....I think when I can hear the music again I'll get more enjoyment from my workouts.
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    Workout for gym?

    Nia Shanks has great ones. I bought a few and then started making up my own. Love Her!!!!
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    How did you find out about Cathe?

    Collage Video's had a great review and I just fell in love with the way she teaches.
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    Step Workouts

    You could try the Classic's volumes....I thing there are two.
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    healthy caff source

    Roasted dark blend from Wal-Mart. I read that you need to chew them for effect.....bitter!
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    healthy caff source

    Two after church ....much better.
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    healthy caff source

    I ate 4 coffee beans today....tomorrow only 3.... I am flying.
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    Home Hair Color question

    spend the money!!! Hire someone and watch how they do it before you attempt.
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    Favorite Cathe Step Workouts?

    Power Max...thong leo and all!!!
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    healthy caff source

    Tea doesn't have enough and I am scared of the preworkout drinks
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    healthy caff source

    I don't like coffee and sodas are unhealthy.....can I just swallow coffee beans for a caff hit?
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    I truly have a problem

    DVD's,VHS, .....I'll never quit collecting.