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    In 3 years I've had only 1 problem with BB customer service and they bent over backwards to fix the problem. I emailed Amber Otto on that one and by the time she responded, the problem had been rectified to my satisfaction. That said, I agree with a previous poster...forget about dealing with...
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    Yummy protein pudding!

    The vanilla was "ok". Nothing to write home about. The chocolate was runny and not pudding like in the least. It also gave me stomach cramps. I agree about adding your own protein power to sugar-free pudding mix. It tastes better!
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    Jessica Simpson selling plus sized jeans?

    I don't get what is so "ridiculous" about Plus-sized women wanting to wear cute jeans. I just looked at those jeans and they're really cute! (and they are priced right!) Why shouldn't a Plus-sized person be afforded the opportunity to buy cute stuff? JS is a marketing whiz. I'm not a fan of...
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    She lost weight eating at McDonalds

    "What exactly is this woman trying to prove?" I saw her on the Neil Cavuto program (FoxNews)last week. She's written a book, so I guess she wants to sell books. I didn't find her terribly convincing on tv. I've seen Supersize Me. I wasn't a big McD's fan prior to seeing the movie. Now I...
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    Mcdonald Fruit and Walnut salad

    Why am I not surprised about the apple/walnut "salad". Precisely the reason I refuse to eat fast food anymore. It's garbage. Why put it in your body. If you haven't seen the movie "Supersize Me" yet, rent it. You'll never eat at McDonald's again. The only "safe" product McD's sells is the...
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    Personal Space Issues

    STAY AWAY from this kid! If he's got a crush on you, is bigger than you and used to having his way, you risk more than having a bit of "casual" contact from him. I can understand your concern for his situation, but don't jeoparize your own safety because you want to "save" him from a less...
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    Today's Abs Diet Checkin

    C4, sounds like you've got a good food plan! I flipped thru the Abs Diet Eat Right Guide today and was really happy to see that I'm eating the Stoneyfield Farms yogurt (have been for awhile) and when I need a smoothie on the run, I go to Jamba Juice (Tropical Awakening with a protein and...
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    Body for Life for Women book

    I flipped thru a copy at CostCo yesterday. It looks like a less "meaty" rehash of the original BFL book geared only to women. If it gets someone interested in fitness, great!
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    Today's Abs Diet Checkin

    My Abs Diet book and Guide just arrived yesterday. I've read most of the book and I love the writing style and all the great info! I'm already eating pretty similar to the Abs Diet, so this should be an easy transition. Ordered the Abs Diet workout with Tom Holland too. It comes out next...
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    Has anyone seen :Super Size Me???

    "the DVD extra that shows an experiment he conducted putting various McD and other foods in glass jars to watch how they decomposed. After something like 4 weeks (?), everything had to be thrown out because it was so gross (even the "mom-and-pop" french fries), but the MCDonald's french fries...
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    Having lived in the midwest, south, NYC and the DC area, I can tell you that I will never move to a part of the country that has snow or humidity again. California and Arizona are the only places I will live (in a pinch Nevada and only because of their tax situation). Having great weather 90%...
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    Terri Schiavo Dies

    "Dana Reeve stuck by Christopher until the very end. Nancy Reagan stood by her husband for years until the end. Neither of them "moved on". To me, that's what true love and marriage is all about. The vows "Foresaking all others...until death do us part" mean everything to us." Exactly! Which...
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    Terri Schiavo Dies

    I'm glad that SOMEONE sides/sided with Terri. It's a crime that the courts didn't, her husband and his creepy lawyer didn't and they effectively sentenced her to death. No one really knows if it was her wish to die. She never expressed her wishes in writing. Just because some people...
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    How about Johnny Cochran dies

    I continue to be amazed that some people just don't get it and never will.
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    Terri Schiavo Dies

    I admire Terri's parents, brother and sister for standing up for her. We should all be so lucky to have parents like hers. Terri is not a "poor thing". She WAS an innocent human being who was an apparent burden to her so-called husband. If there was abuse as alledged, it should be gotten to...