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    Join me for questions about DVD Outfits

    Cathe do you find even though they are more expensive that they last a lot longer than "regular" workout wear. Also, how do they seem to fit size-wise?
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    Kettlebell form--analysis paralysis

    Just FYI Anthony learned from Pavel. Maybe do a search on AOS' minute of strengths to see if there is a break down and an explanation for the way Anthony does them.
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    Santa Monica or Empire State???

    "Thank you Peggie. Are you able to tell me how long Santa Monica is if I skipped the ropes? Do you use the rope and if so, is it a good investment?" You still get a good workout without the ropes. I don't have the ropes, but wish I did. After each segment, when we are having our rest of 30...
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    Santa Monica or Empire State???

    You can "skip" the ropes section in Santa Monica. It is an option when you start the DVD. I LOVE Santa Monica better than Empire State. Just my opinion.
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    I caved!! Holy Moly Kettlebells!

    ITA with Gayle about Providence. You definitely should start with that one or the AOS Clinic one that Anthony has. It is really good. I wanted my husband to get involved with KBs so bad and I got the clinic DVD and he is hooked. So happy.
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    For those of you with a heavy bag....

    These are the ones I got and I think I will really like them. I am going to use them for the Cross Pit workouts.
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    K'bell/AOS Workout Question

    All AOS downloads are 20 percent off this weekend.
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    For those of you with a heavy bag....

    My advice to anyone who uses the heavy bag and who works out by themselves is to get the gloves that are padded, such as MMA gloves, and that have open fingers and thumb. I found that with my boxing gloves, once I get them on, I am in trouble, because I can't press the play buttom for the DVD...
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    K'bell/AOS Workout Question

    The downloads go smoothly.
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    K'bell/AOS Workout Question

    here's the link.
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    K'bell/AOS Workout Question

    I love both Santa Monica and Firepower. They have been having weekly specials for all their workouts. I think this week might be Santa Monica and Firepower together and you end up getting I think, don't quote me, $25 off.
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    K'bell/AOS Workout Question

    I agree that the price for the downloads is ridiculous for what you get. It's easy to print off the paper and set your timer. For $30, I'm not buying it. Maybe $10.
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    Potty Training Help Please

    I just saw a youtube video of Dr. Phil, with Holly Peete and Vanessa Marcil and said he could potty train the kid in 24 hours. It was very interesting and had some good ideas.
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    buy cat food online

    I don't know what happened here, but my post would not edit. They sell both dog food and cat food. They have good specials and lots of free samples. Our cat eats Wellness Core too.
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    buy cat food online anything over $50 is free shipping.