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    All of the Main Workouts in the LITE Series Feature Low Impact Workouts

    I am going to love having all low impact options, that will be awesome. cocoloco, I love those legging too.
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    The LITE Series Features Shorter Workouts

    So awesome! Love the flexibility with the timing!
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    Back to Using Giant Photo Backdrops in the LITE Series

    I *love* this backdrop, so pretty, love the outdoor scenes!!
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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    Yes, YES!!
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    Fit tower dvds that came with tower

    I have the three DVDs that came with the fit tower and actually love them - they are great for add-ons, and I adore the stretches. They don't have premixes, but since they are sectioned it is pretty easy to choose what you want - upper body, abs and stretches, for example. I will take a week and...
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    Idea and a request

    I love this idea too! Another similar idea I was thinking of for a future series is the option to add an extra disc, like Cathe does with the spin workouts, only it would be an optional Fit Tower workout. I love the Fit Tower workouts, and I also use the DVDs that came with the Fit Tower as...
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    Happy Birthday Cathe

    Happy Birthday!
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    Hats off to you, Cathe girl!

    100% agree. These are full of creative new moves, and I really love some of the total body complex moves. The stretches are really wonderful.
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    Fit Tower Total Body

    Did this one yesterday and loved it! Feeling it today. I also love the compound moves with the Tower. I feel like I am getting Functionality, Balance and Strength all in one great move. Go Cathe!
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    Love the core work in the Fit Tower Series

    I completely agree - I love this new core work. The band work really gets in there.
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    Fit Tower Boot Camp

    Just did this one this morning - it was awesome! I am a big fan of the Fit Tower; it is a totally new angle for Cathe to come up with creative moves. Boot Camp was tough - especially towards the end. I think I will definitely be feeling it tomorrow. Time flew by. I had to stop a couple of...
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    Watch The First Video Clip From Cathe's New Fit Tower Workouts!

    It looks so good - I am so excited for these! I love my Fit Tower, and can't wait to see all the new moves Cathe has in store for us!
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    Suggestions for Fitness/Wellness Info.

    I went for the print. If it's a combo, I will do digital, but for me, magazines are a ritual with a cup of tea and a cozy blanket and the feel of the magazine in my hands.
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    Suggestions for Fitness/Wellness Info.

    Nathalie - Thanks for that code! I just got a two-year subscription (8 issues) for $16! Sweet!
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    Fit Tower Advanced Video Update - 4-15-17

    *squeal* I am so excited for these!!