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    Question for moms who just had there little ones turn 1

    I have a 6yr old, 4yr old and 3 month old...but what I can remember is at 1 year of age the Dr said we could start whole milk and I gave it to them cold in a sippy cup. At age 1 they were eatting what we ate and sometimes I did the Gerber Graduates. I am sure when my little one gets to her...
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    Mommies to be - Almost Oct Roll Call

    I am a new checkin on this forum. I am 37 and 7 weeks pregnant with our third child!!! Had my first ultrasound yesterday and saw the little heartbeat...seems even more real now, especially since we weren't really trying. I haven't really been working out much the past couple of weeks. I...
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    I too just found out that I am pregnant..also not planned. I am 37 with two children. I am having the same feeling/concerns that am sure you are having. I was going to post the same question as you, but my difference is that I really haven't worked out good for about 6 weeks now and I am only...
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    TPE Stretch Bands-Discount from Calendar

    Are we still able to use the 20% off the TPE Stretch Bands made available to those who purchased 2010 calendars? I have a printout that says we can use the discount but at time you were not sure when they would be in. thanks, mhunt
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    New DVDs-new material or copulation?

    So glad that I could give yall a good laugh and sorry for the error!!! But no need to go overboard!! Thanks Kathryn for the reply to my question, I really appreciate it. mhunt
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    New DVDs-new material or copulation?

    Are all the new workouts a copulation of other workouts put together or it is all new choreagraphy and music. Thanks, mhunt
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    Suggestion: Hardcore Ultimate Series

    Great suggestions!! I hope Cathe sees them. I would love to see a Yoga DVD.
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    Happy Birthday Cathe!!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHE!! I hope you have a wonderful day today!!! Thanks for ALL that you do for us! I always look forward to working out with you. Your great personality really shines in your videos and I love it that you push us just when we need it, to get us to the next level. It is...
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    You always look so tan in your workouts

    I would love to know this too!
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    This is mhunt. You had responded to my question about STS&weights. You mentioned that you have...

    This is mhunt. You had responded to my question about STS&weights. You mentioned that you have Cathe's weighted gloves. I have heard pros and cons about them, just wondering your opinion. Thanks again.
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    STS-weights question

    Thanks for all the great ideas!!! I was so excited to see so many responses!! Never would of thought of using my ankle weights, however mine are not adjustable, just 3lbs. but it will help. And I will check out the Plate Mates. Thanks, mhunt
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    STS-weights question

    I just finished Meso 2. I took the 1RM prior to starting and I am so glad I did, however at times I am not sure which way to go, up or down with my weights if I do not have the odd number that it tells me to do. Like when I did the last disk and was doing Dead Leg Lifts, it suggested 22lbs on a...
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    Opinions - Jillian Michaels Ultimate Crossbar

    I bought a barbell from walmart and some weights. Also try second had stores for weights, I got 4 10lb weights for $5 each!! You never know what you might find. Also at Walmart I purchased a stand to hold the weights and barbell, compact and saves space...from Golds Gym. Best of luck to you...
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    This is not Cathe, but wanted to respond to your post. I have found that portion control has helped me. Most of us do overeat and when I did Weight Watchers I was suprised at what a real portion is. So you may want to check that program out. Cathe's videos are very uplifting and at times I...
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    skinny vs. fit

    I have heard about weight gain shakes (not the kind to build muscle like celltek (sp) ) Not sure if that is what your looking for. I agree with you as far as the skinny vs fit look. My goal is to be thinner, but with muscle definition. Best of luck to you, mhunt