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I just finished Meso 2. I took the 1RM prior to starting and I am so glad I did, however at times I am not sure which way to go, up or down with my weights if I do not have the odd number that it tells me to do. Like when I did the last disk and was doing Dead Leg Lifts, it suggested 22lbs on a barbell (that is the total amount on the bar). So I did 20 lbs, which worked out good for me. But what if next time it suggests 23 or 24 lbs, should I go straight to doing 25lbs? Just wondering as the weights get heavier there are 5 lbs between each level if you will, where with my dumbbell they are adjustable and go 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10 & 12. I should also add that I do not have the weighted gloves or weighted vest. Any suggestions are greatly appreciate!!
If you don't have a weighted vest or wrist weights, do you have ankle weights? You can use those on your wrists, too. I don't have any good advice for you on going up or down, with what you have, but I would say from my experience that next time you can afford a purchase wrist or ankle weights would really help you out greatly. I made advances to heavier weights that I know without the in between increments likely would never have happened. I have 1 lb gloves and 1 lb wrist weights, but honestly what has helped me the most are my adjustable ankle weights. The ones I have go up to 5 lbs in 1/2 lb increments.
You could also invest in these things called Plate Mates. Do a search on Amazon, thats where I got mine. HTH
I used weighted gloves & ankle/wrist weights in combinations that got me close. Getting to a 4 lb weight was tough and took a lot of extra time. After awhile I made the jump up to the next weight. Platemates look nice but kind of pricey, especially if you have to have them shipped to you. I have a feeling you'd love them though!
You can use the heavier weight (25#'s) the first set and if you find it's too heavy, go down to 20 for the remaining sets. I have plate mates and use them all the time. I also have Cathe's weighted gloves.
Thanks for all the great ideas!!! I was so excited to see so many responses!! Never would of thought of using my ankle weights, however mine are not adjustable, just 3lbs. but it will help. And I will check out the Plate Mates.

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