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    Free Cathe Power Tower in Colorado!

    Wow nice offer. I have the Fit tower. Thanks anyway
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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    Let's use some BOSU - and the ball. Both great for balance, core, and change of pace. Easier on the joints too.
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    Streaming Services besides Cathe Live?

    Les Mills... I love their stuff from body pump to kick boxing, step and general fitness. After bazillion Cathe workouts (I own everyone of them), this was a welcome change. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Best HIIT workout for menopausal women?

    Amen to the post- meno weight/ fitness challenge. I workout hard 5 days/wk and eat pretty clean. And it just keeps building on. I've never had a problem with weight in my life before. I'm quite discouraged. And at the same time, my joints don't like to do as much. I do with Cathe, that you...
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    Did you buy the LITE digital downloads or the DVD's?

    I'm a dvd girl. Working out is a chance to get away from the internet (although I do stream Les Mills and love it.) I like looking at my library of Cathe DVDs and choosing - it's easier to remember what is available, and what they are when I see a box & picture then looking at a computer.
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    Water breaks

    Why are there so few water breaks in Cathe workouts? Cathe is so precise about good lifting form. But it is also critical to stay hydrated. Every blue moon Cathe mentions water but practically never does she and her team either take water themselves or give time for water sips. Why aren't...
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    A little slower for us old folks

    Ditto on Vicki - I've got every one of Cathe's workouts (even those first step videos) and have been doing them since time immemorial! I love you Cathe! But as I'm almost 60 my body just doesn't go as fast and I'm much more aware of high impact - too much of that in my youth has killed my knees...
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    Backdrops to LITE?

    I too am for bright and sunny. I workout in my basement so like the sense of outdoors. Too much urban in my life...
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    list of all Cathe's DVDs please - including the name of the series.

    I'm looking for a list of all Cathe's DVDs please - including the name of the series. I also heard that in On Demand Cathe has them rated by difficulty. I am eager to add any missing DVDs I don't have. Nad rediscovers those I might have.
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    printing Workout Cards for Xtrain rotation

    actually it is not working - see attached file
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    printing Workout Cards for Xtrain rotation

    Thanks VanGar, I have been looking for the workout cards. The site is not intuitive!
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    Found condonms in my 17 year old sons backpack (advise)

    Be very happy he is wise enough to use protection. I’m a Mom of 4 boys who are in their early 20s. Sex happens- but safe and loving, not always. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Weight of plates

    The plates are in Kilos in case you wonder about the odd amounts.
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    Cathe calendar

    can you tell me what the calendar is? What do you use it for? Pictures of Cathe & crew? A good way to record workouts? stickers?? I haven't seen it inside. Thanks
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    It's time for beginners and intermediate workouts.

    I agree about the need for low impact - intermediate workouts. This is not just for joints that are old - it is really what younger people need. I did too too much high impact as a youth and that is why my joints are so bad now. Thus, it is BETTER TRAINING FOR EVERYONE with low impact - this...