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    Any other Peloton riders here?

    I’m GreyGooseGirl! I’d like to start the Power Zone workouts!
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    Make that barbell fit The Tower

    Thanks for this tip! I just purchased my tower at the recent Houston road trip (couldn't pass on the great price!), and I also have the old Firm barbell. Didn't know it had that issue. Thanks! Jackie :)
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    Cathe Road Trip Newbie!

    Hi there! I am new, too! Live in San Antonio. Can't wait to meet everyone! Jackie
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    WHO'S IN?

    I'll be there, too! I am so looking forward to my first Cathe trip! I live in San Antonio, so couldn't pass this one up! Jackie :)
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    Clean Eating Magazine March/April

    Awesome issue! I also read it in bed last night and couldn't believe that terrific recipes! I LOVED it! jackie :D
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    How do I print out workout cards for 1RM?

    Can someone please tell me how to print out all the exercises for the 1RM? leangirly :)