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    Back/leg pain and stiffness

    thank you for all your suggestions. I will check out the YouTube .
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    Back/leg pain and stiffness

    This is a question for any Trainers or PT's. I have been having lower back pain/stiffness on the right side(mostly) right hip flexor, knee and IT band. My knee does not hurt when it am working out, but when I lay down on my side it will throb and that throb runs up my IT band. Is there any...
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Back At It! Bootcamp Live Workout

    welcome back Cathe! Nice to hear your voice again!
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    Yoga Strength & Flexibility Gold Star!

    I just love the Yoga and Mobility. As I age, I finding this type of stretching and movement is just what I need. I do these 2-3 times a week now. I am having to do a reset on my CNS so that meant cutting out cardio and weights for now. That is so hard for me to do. I am in my 4 week now of...
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    Happy birthday Cathe!

    Happy Birthday:)
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    Any plans to make a BOSU workout?

    bring it on!! Love the idea of that
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    FitTower workouts

    I would love another FitTower workout. I love to use those for times where my body says "take it easy", not saying that the are easy, but the ones that use the bands are a bit more kinder to my recovery/easy days.
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    Any plans to make a BOSU ball workout?

    I sure hope so cherrypie10
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    More (tough) Barre work!

    sounds good!!! But I would also like a Bosu workout's too!
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    Crossfit type of workout

    totally agree!! Super Idea!!
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    August Rotation DVD Sub

    for this months rotation, I do not have MIS Would anyone know of a go sub.?
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    April 2019 Rotation

    thank you vivbc I have some of the others. Enjoying the April rotation.
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    April 2019 Rotation

    could someone tell me a good replacement for power max? I do not have that one