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    Yoga burn?

    Hi Cathe...would you consider doing a yoga burn workout? Absolutely love your Your 1st one you made and would love to see a more advanced /fat burn routine❤️
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    New Series

    That was “mean spirited” and harsh. Didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings? Should have kept you thoughts to yourself love my Cathe and her crew❤️
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    First Time On Forum but Long-time Cathe Fan

    Hi Vbrady!! Welcome to the forum. Enjoyed your post ;) Hope to see plenty more!!
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    anymore yoga dvd's?

    Thanks Marazoe for the link! Will definitely check it out :)
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    anymore yoga dvd's?

    Now THAT would be awesome Repo!! Hope it becomes a reality,lol! ( you think she might get the hint?) haha :D
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    anymore yoga dvd's?

    I never really knew much about Yoga, but Im learning. I've learned there are a few different yoga exercises. Some are geared more towards breathing,relaxing and stretching, others are more for balance and weight loss which I LOVE! Balancing is my focus along with toning and flexibility. Jai...
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    anymore yoga dvd's?

    I was a bit skeptical at first bc the last one I got I couldnt take it!! When I saw it was a 2 (30 )min w/o dvd ( one with hand weights) I figured why not give it a try. JMO, I thought she had tonded it down quite a bit and was actually fun to listen to and watch. Im glad I got it :)
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    anymore yoga dvd's?

    Its a new addiction, thats for sure :) we were shopping at sams club and came across Jillians " Yoga inferno " and thought it to be a bit intriguing, so I bought it! I was surprised how I was able to get thru it thanks to Cathe getting us us started on this ;)
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    anymore yoga dvd's?

    I finally tried Yoga max and LOVED it!! I never really tried yoga to that extreme before. Would love to see her do more:)
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    Body Fusion?

    Bodyfusion I personally would say that it fits the intermidiate. I still get a heavy workout just by doing that one, but I am NOT into the cardio stuff all that much sad to say! I believe thses would DEF be too easy for you if you have all her advanced stuff. especially the total body...
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    Body Fusion?

    I LOVE these!! They are my "go to" videos when I have been away from working out for longer than 3 weeks OR if I just want to do something lite! I will always use these ;) They are GREAT for beginner/intermediate! the "step" got me ready for the body fusion cause it is a big leap in the...
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    Tosca Reno Bankrupt RKP

    MAYBE thats why I haven't received my mags :( I truly HOPE this is not true!! What a disappointment that would be to so MANY
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    A "good" blow dryer?

    Ive been a HUGE fan of Babyliss Pro dryers! I still have the one I purchased 5 yrs ago, but is now my daughters! I went out on a larger limb and bought the Babyliss Pro V2 Volare and love it:) A bit on the pricey side, but ... its nice:)
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    contact us NOT working

    got it........
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    Thumbs-up/down reviews for...

    That sounds like one I may want to try Mini!! I LOVE Band/toning work and have been wanting to try something different just to change things up a bit:)