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    Low Impact Series

    Hi, I'm interested in doing the Low Impact Series, but I don't have the tower. What can I use in place of the tower?
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    LITE/ICE Rotation

    No granny glutes...that's funny :)
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    LITE/ICE Rotation

    Hi - Tomorrow I am starting the LITE/ICE rotation. Is anyone else starting tomorrow?
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    is the user's guide online yet?

    I can’t wait to see the LITE/ICE rotation.
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    Rev'd Up Rumble

    It's so awesome when you figure out the KB combo's. For me it a great sense of accomplishment.
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    Detailed LITE Series Reviews

    Thank you for the awesome review!
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    Rev'd Up Rumble

    I did this one for the first time this morning. I love it! The arm and leg combos are fun. Can't wait to do it again. I didn't do the Calorie Crusher part, but I did preview it and that one looks fun too.