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    Hi Cathy, I was wondering if your site has a feature that you can plug in the workouts that you have and it would put a rotation together for you depending on your goal or if you could tell me how you do it. With so many different workouts on your DVD's it gets pretty overwhelming. Thanks...
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    Index of Cathe Rotations April '03 - Jul '08 (CatheNation Links)

    substitutes How do I find substitute's for video's that I don't have on the rotations that I want to try. Thanks, JoAnn
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    I think the rotations are great but I have a hard time finding the workout that goes with the rotations. It would be a good idea to list the video's that you need to have to do the rotation. Let me know what you think. Sincerely, JoAnn :-)
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    Hi Kim, I'm new to all of this but not new to exercise. I have been off and on for a while and I want to get serious cuz my body is changing as I get older and I don't like the change. You look great and are definatly an inspiration to all. Have you worked out before and what are you doing now...
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    Hi Melody, I too Thank you for the welcome. I also like working out Cathe, she makes things very fun and challenging. She is the only one I have bought and really felt like I got a good workout. Have a good day. JoAnn
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    Hi Trish, Nice to meet you. When did you have your baby? Mine are all grown up, it goes by fast. I just tried on a pair of my capri's and they are a little snug and it makes me mad! I used to be so passionate about working out and I just let it go, I'm upset with myself. But enough of that and...
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    does someone have a list of the abbreviations of the different videos that are listed in the rotations?
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    Thanks for such a quick reply. I'll check that out right away. JoAnn
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    Hi, I am new to this site and to Cathe's exercise videos but I love them. I use to be real good about working out at home on my own but I got bored with it cuz I think I wasn't seeing results. I am very motivated after seeing pictures of some of the people on this forum and it gives me hope that...