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    A Heartfelt Thank You

    Cathe, thank you and your staff for such a wonderful weekend. So many precious memories. The pics help with the post RT blues. New connections made and old ones renewed. Naaila coming all the way from Africa. And she fit right in!!! We have several asking about your pants from the step...
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    8 days to go.....woo hoo

    Are we there yet???????
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    2015 Glassboro RT is SOLD OUT

    I'll be there!!!! :);):cool::D:rolleyes:o_O
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    Cathe Live - available on On Demand, indefinitely?

    I so agree about Strong Upper Body plus core!! It is my go to upper body when not doing a dvd or rotation!!
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    Cathe Live - available on On Demand, indefinitely?

    I know right?? Best thing since sliced bread!! I have been doing the RWH rotation and sticking to it as best I can, but I get a hankering for a Live fix :D :D
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    I Love Hiit Circuit Lower Body!

    Oh, I already have and love CLB. Just haven't done it since starting RWH. Just want to see what I think after doing the others. I also have and love LBB. One of my absolute favorite leg workouts is Lower Body Trisets and the Meso 2 leg workouts. I love the triset concept for legs especially ;)
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    I Love Hiit Circuit Lower Body!

    I love both of the lower body workouts from RWH!!! I have been doing RWH since it came out and now want to try CLB and see how it compares. So many workouts, so little time :D
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    Brenda's posture on dvd's

    I learn some of my best life's lessons by saying or doing things I later regretted. I am in no way judging your original post, but acknowledging what you said here- that we are all doing the best we can. And ITA!!
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    Jan 22, 2015 ...Strong and Long Legs LIVE

    I mean really, how did she expect us to get back up?? :P :P
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    How Can I Hold On To Heavy Dumbells?

    Just make sure if you use the back pack option mentioned above that the weight is distributed as such that it will not shift while you are working out. That could result in injury ;)
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    How Can I Hold On To Heavy Dumbells?

    Wow!! I am amazed and impressed that you are squatting 80 pounds in the RWH workouts. I can squat that, but not in these fast paced workouts. I too have issues with grip with heavier DBs and I can see where that would be an issue when the rep count is in the 20s like these workouts. They...
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    Too Much Off the Beat, Not for Me

    I am the same way Nan!!