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    ~*~*~Challengers Thursday~*~*~*

    Hi Challengers, It is a challenge just to find this thread. Andrea & Roxie: I am not sure about the new forum. I like some of the new features but like Roxie said I think there are quite a few bugs that need to be worked out. I'm still waiting for my new password. My workout today was 4DS...
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    Password Still Not Coming To Me

    I'm still waiting too! I keep trying but nothing happens.
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    Anyone from MA?

    Hi! Townsend, MA. Elaine
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    The Challengers 7/22 tuesday

    Hey Ameila, I didn't see one either. This new website is a lot to take in. Today I did 4DS LIS wu,shoulders,bis and tris and a nice long stretch for my hip. Getting better every day. Hi to everyone else!:D
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    nutrition section of WM

    Where do you go to find the cost of the program?
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    So, what's your new name?

    My new name is ElaineP01 not to different from my other one, ElaineP. I don't mind the new name I just want my email address to be correct. I had to use my son's email address.:(
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    Important - All Those with Password Problems

    :( Still not working for me, either. aka ElaineP
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    ~*~*challengers monday~*~*

    Hi Jean and Andrea, It was difficult to find this thread. I am one of the many who had to reregister. today I did the 4DS LIS WU and chest and back, a nice long stretch for my healing hip. It is late gotta get to bed. Elaine
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    Chris, it's Kathy S. -- Help!

    Add me to the list. I've checked my spam filter and have never had a problem receiving emails from this site before. My old user name was ElaineP