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    Workout Blender -basic intro needed

    I am new to digital downloads after years of purchasing the DVDs. Just ordered Xtrain both ways. Have a few digital downloads already, but have no idea how to use the blender. Tried searching the forum, but can't seem to find exactly what I need. Can some one tell me how to use the workout...
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    Workout Book

    great idea!
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    A complete Low Impact series please please please

    I love the idea of a low impact series. I have so many of Cathe's DVDs, but like others must modify them on my own (which may not be the best thing). I'm 48 and have many strange injury issues: bunions, upper back stiffness, ankle weekness, shoulder issues, lower back issues only when doing...
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    best DVD for strength 2-3x/week

    i don't have time right now to do STS everyday. so i bought STS total body. do you recommend doing STS total body 2-3x/week for strength training (along with other cardio classes at the gym)? or would it be better to do 2 or 3 different strength workouts every week? if so, which DVDs? i...
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    Leg Exercises with the Sliding Discs

    cathe, what would you recommend for me in STS total body if i have bunion issues and can't do too many lunges? i know step ups were recommended in the past, but having not yet tried STS total body, I'm not sure if that would work. Just saw your recommendation re: hip injuries and figure you...
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    any quick way to figure my 1 rep max?

    just wondering if there's a quick way to determine 1 rep max for all exercises. i've never done it before b/c it looks so time consuming and i'd rather get a workout in.
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    Just started STS yesterday...

    1 rep max question i decided not to do the 1 rep max tests before i began the STS workout series b/c it looked like it would've taken forever to do for all the exercises in the STS series. so i'm just doing my best at picking weights that work and are a challenge to me. i'm only 2 weeks into...
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    suggested alternate exercises for lunges...HELP

    update on improvised lunge moves - disk 6 completed well, i finally did disk 6 - legs. i had pre-planned my lunge substitutes but didn't realize that a couple of the exercises that don't say 'lunge' still involve that same foot position so i couldn't do them. here's how it broke down: 8...
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    suggested alternate exercises for lunges...HELP

    alternative to lunges thanks Debbie. i can do slides but only for side lunges and hamstrings. just figured the hamstring one yesterday..heels on plates and bring legs in and out like hamstring curls with stability ball. i'm going to try the leg routine (disk 6) tonight with my...
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    suggested alternate exercises for lunges...HELP

    today i'm on meso 1 disk 5 (back/triceps), but after completing the legs DVD last week, i realize that i am unable to do several of the exercises b/c of bunion issues. i have a full gym in the garage so have come up with some alternates for this week's lunges, but would love real experienced...