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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    I would rather have a couple of 10 minute stretches - much like the ICE Ab workouts on each DVD. They could incorporate yoga poses, but wouldn't be yoga workouts - just really nice stretches for our older muscles. Like others have said - keep ICE intermediate. No crawling around on the floor...
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    Cathe Live 6-Week Rotation

    Thank you so much for doing this! I am planning to start it in a couple of weeks when I finish the Strong & Icy rotation. Carol
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    ICE 2

    I also would love an ICE 2 set. It is such an accessible set, even to a 60 year old exerciser like me. The only change I would make would be to add a couple of 10 to 15 minute stretches to the set and incorporate them like you do the Icy Core workouts - have one of the two on each DVD. As I'm...