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    Need Direction

    Thank you ALL for the great tips and advice! I'm very greatful for your feedback.
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    Metabolic Workouts Question

    I would love to know what your rotation looks like. :)
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    Need Direction

    Thank you. Yes I do have it, and plan to do it sometime this year. :)
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    Body Beast

    Karen please share once you come up with a rotation! Thx!
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    30 pounds down!!!!

    Thx for sharing your food plan!
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    Progress - NOT Perfection! (weight-loss//1 year later)

    Great progress! I hope your 2014 was just as successful!
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    Getting results.... wish I knew from what!!

    Great job! I'm loving these success stories!
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    4 weeks in, 7 #s down

    I know this thread is older, but wanted to say thank you for posting! This is something that I needed to read and inspires me!!
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    Body Beast

    This sounds great! Thank you, Mary!
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    Need Direction

    Thanks Jamie. I'm looking for a strength rotation long term. I've been working out since I was 15, but had a bad year. I'll figure this out on my own. :)
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    Need Direction

    Anybody else? I feel invisible!
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    Body Beast

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    Crossfire as a it!

    I don't own crossfire or to the max because I thought it might be too high impact. Any thoughts about this? Thx!
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    Strength Trg

    I posted in the Ask Cathe forum about wanting to make 2015 focused on strength Trg. I have most to all of Cathe's dvds (I have a lot of virgins, sadly), as well as other instructors. Cathe and Kelly Coffey Meyer are my favs, hands down. I've been reading books that promote little to no...