Strength Trg


I posted in the Ask Cathe forum about wanting to make 2015 focused on strength Trg. I have most to all of Cathe's dvds (I have a lot of virgins, sadly), as well as other instructors. Cathe and Kelly Coffey Meyer are my favs, hands down.

I've been reading books that promote little to no cardio (yeah!!! I need to stay away from high impact anyhow, and I do not like complex). I really want to focus on nice, shredded muscles in 2015, but need to lose 50 lbs too. I am starting Sts mid-January, but thinking about an extra leg day per week, or perhaps adding a kettlebell or total body into the mix, as well as short cardio 1-2 times per week. Another thing I've been contemplating is a rotation that utilizes Cathe's sts, Slow and Heavy, Burn Sets, Gym Styles, Pyramids, RWH, Pure Strength, Muscle Max, STS Total Body. Any thoughts on a rotation? It can be very long term as well, or maybe separate rotations.

Regarding nutrition, I plan to eat clean.

Thanks for any advice and suggestions in advance!

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