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    Workout for the older Catheite

    I am 68, have bilateral hip replacements and have been exercising with Cath since she was on FIT tv when I was in my 40s. Really enjoy ICE , LITE workouts , all the Turbo Barre exercises including the most recent Fit Tower( Fit Tower helped me recover from knee injury and hip surgery too), Low...
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    Low Impact Series

    i took me awhile to use discs but they are fun and not hard once you practice/ i have to modify some moves but have learned to really enjoy using the discs with CATHE workouts
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    LITE body & band-- yes !!

    just used it again this time with scott malone heavy , extra heavy fire walker bands( really durable scott malone bands as set from light to x heavy) and theraband xtra heavy for back- anyone who uses stronger bands and /or band around ankles and thighs is going to get quite the workout !!:) fun...
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    Favorite Calorie Crush

    modify them with moves that are similar to those used in low impact burn / or just lifting on toes / that is what i have to do and still get good wo
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    Would you consider selling individual Fit Split downloads?

    agree/would like option to purchase individually
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    LITE series another winner

    HI - I Just completed PHA2 with pyramid pump biceps and triceps this morning. Earlier this week , did Rev'd Up Rumble and , Strong Body Sets Upper and Lower , ABS 1 & 2. Really enjoy the variety!!! Greatly appreciate that I can take care of my joints and yet push myself in new ways with this...
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    Fit Tower

    FIT TOWER is great piece of exercise equipment. Agree much better than using chair for leg exercises but I was really pleased to learn the versatility for upper body such as inverted rows, partial pull-ups, incline pushups ,etc. So glad to have this . Enjoy all her barre workouts DVDs...
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    New Series

    have you ever tried adding heavy bands to thighs and ankles when doing some body weight exercises ? Got the idea from youtube and have done that to make some of my band exercises and body weight exercises more challenging ( haven't looked at new LITE band w/o but imagine it might be applied ?)
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    Wow! Awesome Series!

    LITE is great new series / fun to do . Have completed the upper and lower body stacked sets ( if you are advanced just increase the weights and you will get a great workout). Completed Rev'd up Rumble this am with 6 pack abs 1. Did 6 pack abs 2 the two days prior.. Thank you for another fun...
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    I have the FIT TOWER and really like this piece of equipment. Especially because it is so sturdy , you can do partial pull ups and chin ups and inverted rows at home !!! Appreciate all of the FIT TOWER workouts/ great for muscle confusion .
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    Exercise Bikes

    I am also interested in purchasing indoor exercise bicycle so would appreciate suggestions.
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    Fit Tower DVD Reviews ?

    Hi, so would you recommend the FIT Tower for purchase? I ordered just to get the Tower and plan to use it for the barre and standing leg exercises in other series. but was very interested in the core and upper extremity variety in the DVDs. thanks -my notice says backorder
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    FIT TOWER only

    Can we please purchase the new FIT TOWER without the package? I can no longer do high impact so do not want the entire package. Thank you
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    xtrain music vocals component annoying

    I have been using XTRAIN, an undulating workout -- really enjoy the results and the variety-- BUT the VOCALS in some of XTRAIN are so loud and so annoying - i need the drive of the beat but please stop the loud annoying vocals that sometimes overpower Cathe and frankly are not fun to listen to...