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    Catheletes Transitioning to Mid-Life Private Group?

    I would be interested, too.
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    I bought one at Christmas time for myself! It jumped right into my cart. LOL! So far, I really like it, but I haven't sat down and watched the DVD or really put it to real use yet.. We made soup and green smooties in it so far.
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    Lifting heavy and "bulk"

    This is the same for me, too. When I stopped using heavier weights for my upper body, people that hadn't seen me in a bit would always gesture with their arms up and down around my shoulders and say " you look like you lost weight". If that's not a clue then I don't know what is. And this was...
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    IT CAME IT CAME IT CAME!!!!!!!!!!!

    I got mine today. I'm in NE PA. Fairly close to Glassboro.:D
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    FDA approving GMO salmon. Please read. It impacts everyone!

    Yes, I agree. And buy foods that are locally and seasonally grown as much as possible. I don't agree totally with a vegan diet. I know too many friends and family memebers that are vegan or vegetarian and they have high cholesterol or find themselves heading towards diabetes. Now, I do...
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    My skin - what happened?

    I'm 46 1/2 and swear this year I noticed that the skin from below my chest to my lower abs are just loose. I mean really loose. Jiggly!!!!! It's almost as if it's not attached to what's below. I think it's doing it own thing! I don't have a problem with my skin everywhere else, except that...
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    anyone here in on the pinterest craze?

    Thanks, but oddly right after my post I got an invite!:D
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    You can buy it in regular grocery stores that carry a natural food/health section. It's ~ $3.50 a bottle. Some flavors are good and others gross. We drink it, but we make ours instead. I love it. The homemade is much better. We just bottled about 2.5 gallons. The next batch is currently...
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    anyone here in on the pinterest craze?

    This explains why I haven't been accepted. It's been weeks. I find it interesting, too.
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    Think! Math?? WHAT??

    I was going to respond earlier, but I wasn't sure if the math you spoke of was similar to or the same as Everyday Math...also known by other names. Well, I hated this new math! I mean I hated it and it seemed so backwards! Teachers and parents had to re-learn the new method to help their...
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    Cathe looks like Sarah Palin?!?!

    This topic came up once before: I think they resemble each other.
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    Steamed Lobster....

    I'm going to say that I would thaw first then steam. My reasoning, the outside meat would be cooking much longer than the inside. The outside meat would become tough by the time the steam cooked the inside.
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    For those of you who recently purchased the Clarisonic...

    Mine takes along time to fizzle out. A couple of weeks. Three short buzzes ( something like that) is the indication to recharge it.
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    For those of you who recently purchased the Clarisonic...

    When I was finished with what came with the Clairsonic I used the Cetaphil cleanser that I had left. I think if your cleanser already has a substance in it to exfoliate your skin, then maybe using that product is overdoing it with the Clairsonic. The Clairsonic is already exfoliating your...
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    Skin care in your 40's

    When I first got mine two years ago, I used it twice a day. About a week later, I noticed that when I put moisturizer or another product on my face my face stung a little. I cut back on the Clarisonic to once a day. This solved my problem. Now, I currently use mine only 3-4 times a week.