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    Best workout type for fat loss?

    Oh, boy. I’m grabbing my popcorn. There’s gonna be some entertainment on this thread.
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    Step Boss OnDemand

    The email announcement said OnDemand will feature StepBoss late this week or early next week. So, hopefully before Christmas. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong!)
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    Are You Ready For Step Boss Launch Week?

    That why I asked! Okie doke. Just keep us posted. I’m definitely keeping busy until then!
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    Are You Ready For Step Boss Launch Week?

    no, no — you’re fine!
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    Are You Ready For Step Boss Launch Week?

    Right, but OnDemand is not technically a download, it’s streaming. Didn’t know if dvd and download customers got preference before OnDemand.
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    Are You Ready For Step Boss Launch Week?

    Woohoo! (Is there an ETA on when it will be available OnDemand?)
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    Rhythmic/dance/step workout for the out-of-shape?

    Hey Sara! Yes — set yourself up to succeed! You absolutely DO need positive reinforcement during this momentum-building time. Getting started and figuring it all out is probably the hardest part. (It was for me.) A few things I’ve learned: Start slow — a 15-30 minute workout is not a failure...
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    Rhythmic/dance/step workout for the out-of-shape?

    I am a notch or two above you, fitness-wise, after my reboot earlier this year. I came back to Cathe after about a ten year absence (four babies and life) and MAN did I feel out of shape! You and I have the same favorites! And we started in the same place — “Basic Step”. (That’s what I used to...
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    Video Clip From STEP BOSS Step Sync

    Currently yelling at working on Party Rockin’ Step 1. I’m gonna get that sucker! Evening if I have to rewind it forty-leven times. HAHAHAHA
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    Video Clip of Cathe's STEP BOSS PHA 3 Workout

    Agreed. More PHA, please! Lol
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    Intermediate athlete needs help starting a Cathe program.

    Almost exactly my thoughts as well. (Great minds!)
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    Where is Workout Blender for Download Users?

    My husband is a software engineer. Admin is correct. Sorry y’all.
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    Which Stranded Island Kitchen Appliance?

    Welp, you asked for an opinion, not agreement — LOL! — so I’m weighing in with Instant Pot. Simply because it does so many things really well. I have four kids and a carnivore husband. Food needs to be fast. I can brown meat in it, make rice, make yogurt, do a corned beef in an hour, slow cook...
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    Video Clip of STEP BOSS Bonus Abs #2 and a Project Update

    Let’s burn some holiday butter, y’all. I need it! Lol
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    best videos for hamstrings/glutes?

    You might also just try doing the exercises you mentioned independently of a video with weights. Probably a lot faster and more targeted to your needs.