Yo OALer's...

and others who have been around the forums for a few years...

You guys will never guess who I ran into Saturday...So, I am downtown at one of our local festivals minding my own business. I look up this guy walks right by me with 3 of the most adorable boys you've ever seen. It takes me a minute, then it registers who the boys were. I jump up in search of the man and the boys...finally found them. I explained who I was, and somehow convinced him that I was not a stalker, but was looking for his wife...he points his finger in her direction...

There she was, weilding a turkey baster...
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MEOLDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok...so she wasn't weilding a turkey baster....I had the most pleasant conversation with her, her DH and her boys. Boy let me tell you...those boys were awesome. They were telling me about the fun they were having and the chicken wings they mowed through and how one of them was going to be on stage with Amy Grant the next day. Melody is absolutely gorgeous! She said she hadn't been on the forums in a while and was really into her photography. Anyway, we only talked for about 10 minutes...but how about that for a small world!

I just had to share...

Miss Lee

OMG I'm all teary eyed!!! I cannot believe your good fortune!! :D :D :D

I miss her SO MUCH!!!!! There is a huge hole on these forums where she used to post. She added so much to the conversation. Thank you for posting.


Wow! That's amazing that you ran into them. I agree with Miss Lee that there is a big, gaping hole where Mel used to be. I'm sure she had a good reason for leaving, and I admit she withdrew gradually, but it was still hard. It sounds like the boys are doing well, and I'm glad to hear that.


How wonderful! I'm glad to hear she and the boys are doing well. The boys sent me some art work when my grandson was born. They are very special people and I miss them....


I'm all teary eyed too!! I miss Mel and the boys. I'm with Nance and could have posted the exact same thing. I enjoyed so much hearing how the boys were growing so well. It sounds like they have continued to do so and I'm thrilled beyond belief. Thank you for sharing!


Posts like this always make me aware of how short a time I've been here and how not being part of the road trips impacts my relations with the ladies (and gentlemen) here. It makes me so sad that your friend isn't here anymore and you all miss her so terribly.


Stacey many of us have never met in person. I myself was around for almost four years before I was fortunate enough to make it to a RT.

The OAL was a daily thread where several of us chatted all day every day. Melody was a very special part of that as was her family; we all care for each other like we're old friends even though many of us have never met! Melody has a very busy life and as her boys grow I'm sure it's harder and harder to keep up her visits to Catheland. It's very sad for us but I know she is keeping on keeping on just like always!! :)

(And MWAH Melvin if you happen to make an appearance!)


Stacey, I've never been on a Road Trip and Melody has never been on one either. The feeling of closeness came from "chatting" on these boards every single day of our lives for...at least a year I think Melody was here, right ladies? Possibly two years. I lose track of time on these boards. She and her family are unforgettable.


How cool is that!!

I remember Melody!! I miss her posts and all the pics of her boys. Maybe she'll get a chance to pop back in and say HI;)

I'll tell you guys that I got the biggest chills when I saw those boys and knew that Melody had be there. I just had to find her and meet her! She really added soooooo much fun to the forums. I hope she peeks in and sees how much she is missed and loved!


Make a gal teary-eyed, will ya?

A little birdie (hey Robin) sent me an email telling me special friends were talking about me. You all are too, too sweet! Love ya bunches!

Hey Georgia Peach Fit! It was FABULOUS to meet you.

You guys have no idea how beautiful, fit and tiny she is, OMG! I looked up and saw this hot chick (as my boys now call beautiful girls, yeah, growing up) walking toward me followed by my husband and boys. I thought, well they're at it again. Picking up women. :)

It was Georgia Peach Fit, and what a fun happening. It was so funny to me that I was "found" because of my boys.

We're well. Have had our ups and downs. Last December found me hospitalized with a possible stroke. Yeah, scary. Stayed on the stroke ward for 3 days. Moved to Oncology. Then cardiology. I had every part of my body poked, prodded, MRI, etc. Turns out the paralysis of my right side was due to the issues with my degenerative cervical vertebrae. And they found other issues to take care of requiring surgery...yada yada yada...

It's good now. 'cept the getting old junk.

The boys continue to have issues due to their special needs, coupled with being tween and teen boys. Wil has had a couple more surgeries, and is fine. My oldest is engaged. He proposed to her in the rose garden of Cinderella's Castle at Disney. No set date.

And yes, Sunday Wil met and talked with Amy Grant and along with other kids was on stage with her. She did a local concert to benefit the building of a Miracle League baseball field for special needs kids. He also met a Para-Olympic champion from Bejing and touched his gold medal.

I've fallen in love with photography. Have won a few awards with photos. Sold my first two photos a couple of weeks ago. One will be in a photography book, one in a magazine. Still homeschooling the boys. Still working out with Cathe, though I'm still playing catch up a bit from the medical issues, but I'm almost back where I was.

Oh, and Mr. Chuck is just fine, too.

OMG! I did not mean to ramble. How is everyone?

You each hold such a dear spot in my heart and with our family.

Running to finish our homeschool day. I hope to check back later.

Gosh, I miss you!!!!!!!!


OMG Mel I can't believe it. You've made my WEEK!!! Please tell your crew I said hi and send hugs. Please let them know George says hi too and he misses chatting with them. ;)

OMG I just looked at your photos and I swear an hour has passed. I didn't get beyond the third page; I had to stop I was crying so hard.

Hugs and kisses to all y'all. ;)

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