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Just want to post my thank you. I've been using these for three weeks now. Thanks so much for posting them!



The workout cards are working for me on the calendar. Just "add workout", then pick Xtrain workout cards, they're available for disks 1,2&3. Exercises I have 1RM already (mostly from STS) appear as red, otherwise it asks if you want to do the 1RM right there and shows you the video for it. You can calculate and recalculate 1RM for any exercise. You can save it and you will have that 1RM calculated for future workouts. It does show up as an STS 36 when I'm done on the calendar for me, so that's weird, but all I want to know is what weights to use next time, and this works great. I'm sure the bugs will be ironed out eventually. Thanks SNM for the hard work you're putting into this, it really enhances my workout, and it's free, as in Cathe "bonus" free. Love it.


thank you for this. I'm able to print the workout cards for both chest, back, and shoulders but the bi's and tri's have a blank page.
So are they ready?

I went to my calendar where I had already downloaded the rotation and clicked on Disc 1, but the "edit workout" was not there. That is what I usually click to get my workout cards.

SNM Videos

XTRain Card Progress

There really isn't anything broken, were just not finished with adding all of the code and functionality to the XTrain workout cards. In other words "the car is still on the rack".

This is an ongoing process. Until we're done you will notice some things will work and others will not. You will also see things that pertain to STS mixed in with the XTrain cards. As we separate the code the STS references will disappear. And each week more things will start to work. We're in the home stretch now, but it is hard to say when we will be completely done. We're also going to migrate our Cathe.com server to a more powerful and brand new server shortly and this may cause some new issues for us to tackle that could slow us down or cause more things to break. But let's hope not!

I think most cards will print now, but depending on how you added your XTrain workouts to your calendar you may not be able to go to and see your workout cards. Currently, we have not added the "Edit Workout" button to the XTrain rotations. This is something we're just now starting to work on.
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Xtrain Workout Log

Thank you so much for this excel log workbook.

I tried to print out workout card. But today, I found out yours is much better than the one I printed out from here because they are so small. My eyes can no longer read those small fonts without reading glasses.:(

Thank you!!


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I must be doing something wrong

but I can't open the file you were so good to provide. Will someone give me a tip please

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