X-Train low impact Hiit


Great sweatfest tonight...did this one for the first time. I actually used 3 risers for the step section (did the step section twice) and added core for a nice 1 hour workout. I added little hops for the floor section as well. So I wasn't totally low impact - but it was definitely LOWER impact and a nice break for the joints after Cardio leg blast earlier in the week. I loved it - solid cardio workout.:D


I love the premixes on this one. Today I did step plus discs then did a weight workout. It was just the right cardio to get my heart going before lifting. Great job, Cathe.
chu chu chu First stop on X-TRAIN was All out Hiit

I have just stopped for the first time on my X-TRAIN with All out Hiit.
This for me will be a nice pleasant break from High impact Hiit which is my preference.
All out does definitely get the heart rate high. Running man move was on two risers and I definitely felt the difference compared to 3-4 risers done on high impact Hiit! It is doing the job but more risers make the difference.

As usual I had a big smile thinking how I enjoyed it and thinking how cathe is incredible coming up with new enjoyable, fun and challenging moves.
Lunge, switch leg and kick is the one I am going to have to master. Love how it challenge the balance. Looking forward to performing a clean one ;)

Now time for sts chest, shoulders and triceps
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Love this workout! I like hi impact and this is a great low impact that still works you.

Nathalie...yes those switch kick lunges are tough. Will take me a while to master this move and when I do it I will know how much I have improved with balance!!!!!


I think Cathe read my mind when she made this w/o! Low Impact Hiit that has 0 repetition, utilizes the step, fun moves, no plank exercises (except for 1 set of mountain climber's, which I'll gladly take :)). Very similar to the Intensity Low Impact Hiit section which I ADORE :).

LOVE LOVE this workout :).



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This workout Rocks! I had knee surgery many years ago as an athlete. Am always looking for workouts that are
1. Advanced
2. High Intensity
3. Fun
4. Doable

This will be a keeper.........Heart Rate monitor showed burned mega calories.
Thank you for this Cathe!!


Very pleasantly surprised by this one. I didn't expect to like it, as I have been a little burned out from HIIT style workouts in general, but I loved it! I also don't like step, and really liked the step segment in this.

I'm really happy I made myself try this one, I am so limited in the types of cardio workouts I enjoy, so it's great finding one I can click with. Now I have to work up the courage to try Tabatacize!

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