Would you or did you ?


I say go for it! If it is okay for a guy to marry younger why shouldn't a woman. Of course I am talking about guys older than 21. (Just wanted to clarify!):) :)


I assume you are talking a considerable age difference here? Like 5 years +? I'd say go for it! If it works, it works, if not, where's the shame in it as long as he is legal!? LOL :p


We don't stop laughing because we grow old; We grow old because we stop laughing...Put more laughter into your life.


When I was 28 (4 years ago) I dated a guy 4 years younger than me. We were so not compatible and in such different places, but I had the most fun during that time! He actually taught me a lot. But last year I met a guy 8 years younger than me and I wouldn't do it. Just looking at him, I REALLY wanted to, but I couldn't do it (plus he had to leave soon to go back to college-ouch)

but everyone is different I think, and I also say go for it.;-)


Sometimes I think in dating we need to be less restrictive as to who we think is our "target market".

For myself, on the rebound from a broken engagement, I starting dating a guy 4 years my junior. He was cute, charming & an artist. Not what I would have considered long-term relationship material. At that time I just needed my ego attended to & some much needed fun. Well, I'm sure you can guess how that turned out! We are now happily married for 6 yrs, w/a beautiful DD.

If he's legal, why not?! Have fun!


P.S. Pls excuse my grammar issues today!


Most definitely. I'm 37, & I think I'd draw the line at 27, but why the heck not? Men do it all the time, why shouldn't women?
Thanks!! You guys are awesome!!

Kim it seems we had similar circumstances. I too met a younger guy after a break-up. Definitely not 'marriage' material; but, he was soooo fun!! He was 21 and I was 29. Anyway, we did begin 'dating' and he said he wanted to marry me and I, of course, explained that it WAS fun and all but that I needed him to know it wasn't "serious". However, I did say that if he was still around when he turned 30 I would think about it....We got married when he was 29 and are in our 6th year of marriage:) :)

Sometimes I get some 'wise-cracks' about it which bothers me at times. But you know what, my sister is married to a man who is 21 years older than her and no one ever says a thing about it!! Isn't that funny!?!


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I've been married to my dh for over 20 years and he is six years younger than I am. It has never been a big deal, although he does tease me occasionally about being older. (I am 53, he is 47.) I say, "Go for it!"


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It so amazing how society does not accept women dating/marrying younger men. Men have been doing it forever. Women date/marry younger men for many reasons. Younger men can make life more enjoyable. Also men reach their sexually peak between 25 - 30(I believe), and then it is downhill for them. Where women hit their peak around 40. When I was 29, I dated this guy who said he was 8 years younger then me. I went thru his wallet and he was 3 years younger than me. We had a lot of fun, but his maturity level was so low. His life was based on his good looks (he was a model), of course had a beautiful body. But he was so focused on him, he did not know what was going on in the world. I told him he needed to work on his intellectual, because it was not guaranteed that he would always have his good looks. But now that I am no longer single, I have met some younger men, who were on the top of their game, were mature and if I wasn't married, I would definitely date them.


Absolutely I would do it! I know one man who is probably 12 years younger than me and I would TOTALLY consider dating him. IF I wasn't already married and IF his parents weren't good friends of mine. But, boy oh boy...he is a hottie.


Interesting -- I may actually have to face this issue myself in the next year (going through a breakup right now).

My workout partner (a guy) is 6 years younger than me and I must say that he has a zest for life that I lost some time back. His youth and energy are contagious and I find myself feeling more carefree when I'm around him. So, yes, I DO think I would consider a younger man!

BTW -- Maximus -- I cannot believe you are 37! I kept thinking you were in your 20s for some reason. Seriously. You look awesome(saw your pictures some time ago when you posted).



DH is 4 years younger than I am. He is 46 and I will be 50 in February. It has never been an issue.


UMMMM My hubby is 34 and I'm 43 (9yrs older) We are great together .Have a 3 year old together !! Its a good thing here .!!!:) :)


Dh is a year younger than me(25), and before him, i had never dated anyone under 30 since i was 18...but i learned that age is not a big deal. it's about compatability and being on the same level. go for it. my dh brags about how i'm his "ole lady" all the time and sings that awful, old country song "Older Women Make Beautiful Lovers" all the time just to razz me, but what the hell right? besides, women live longer, so if you marry a younger man, you'll be even!



My DH is 4 years younger then me and its never been issue. But, I have a girlfriend who is 13 years older then her DH and they have been married for 20 years! You'd never know she is older!!


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