white bean extract?


So Dr. Oz mentioned this stuff a couple of weeks ago and how it inhibits carb absorption, so I am thinking of trying it (short-term). Anybody used it?
Afternoon Steph,

I just posted a thread on White Kidney Bean Extract under the nutrition forum. I have started to incorporate the supplement into my diet before my meals daily. I have been using the supplement for a week and a half. I eat healthy and workout 6 days a week. My goal is to tone and shed about 10 pounds. I think the supplement can only help. A natural extract that helps metabolize fat...I don't see the harm in giving it a try.

I purchased Carb Intercept from the Vitamin Shop. Thus far, I am happy with my results!

Good luck!



Dechelle, very hard to read! Could you please increase your font size? I'd like to be able to read your posts. TIA!


I bought it today at Walgreens (buy one get one free!!!), so we'll see how it works out! The only thing I worry about is this one I have also has chromium in it, and so do my multivitamins, so I hope I don't take too much chromium. :confused: As for the carb blocker. I took one several years ago, and I lost about 12 pounds with it (and a healthy diet/exercise). But I'm not sure if it was derived from white bean extract.

Good luck! Maybe we'll both see great results!!! :)


Weight Regain
White kidney bean extract is not a long-term solution to weight loss. Once the intake is stopped, the effect discontinues. While long-term use of white kidney bean extract has not been studied, and therefore is not recommended, weight loss is not expected to last past the duration of use without making additional healthy lifestyle changes.

Read more: Side Effects Of White Bean Extract | LIVESTRONG.COM


I know. I maintain a healthy diet and work out regularly. Just want a little push past my plateau and into my swimsuit! :D This is a temporary thing. When I tried a carb blocker in the past (not sure if it was white bean extract) I didn't regain the weight I lost... Well, until I got pregnant with my first child. :p I did research it. Though I'm not recommending it or promoting it. I hope everyone will research it first or discuss it with their doc before trying it. Just wanted to know if anyone had tried it.

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