Which Check-in thread for bodybuilding?


Fiddle fit, you can join any group. You more than welcome to join any group or our group: My husband and I am doing STS at the moment.

All the check ins groups are very friendly, nice and welcoming :)

Here are the groups I check in, just to name a few:
Commit to get Fit and lean, Crazy, Strong and living it, Getting it done or Like/review/verify/don't buy check in for 2016-2018 :)

Hope this helps!

After years of following general all around conditioning approaches, I've decided to focus on weight lifting specifically. Which one of the check in forums are for people who focus primarily on body building?

Thank you!


You were probably refering to our Bodybuilding check in below.

I am not check in at the moment. If you want a regular check in, discussion around building muscle and
gaining strength, please let me know. The check in was created for few of us who were interested in completing
The bodybuilding cycle
which last more than six months. We still welcome anyone in need of being accountable and
sharing fitness information.

You can join any check in of your choice. There is no harm, no biaise solely focusing on your goal clearly mentioned above. Yes I miss the check in.
Let me know your expectations and motives. Feel free to privately message me;);)
I am not intolerant towards receiving mail from "certain forum users". I would rather interact about your expectations in private.
:);) It has been a year since my shoulder injury and It would great to RE-FOCUS.;):) on the real deal!


Thank you for the replies, everyone! Much appreciated. The Bodybuilding check-in was the one I was thinking of. If I ever get myself organized, I might see you there. Cheers!

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