Where to start to create a website?


DH has an excavation company and we'd like to have a website. I have no idea how to begin or who to contact. I want it to be very catchy and informative and creative. Do I grab the Yellow Pages? Is going local better? Are there things I should know about this process? Help!
I made a webpage using Dreamweaver, but did have a class to help me out. If you go this DYS route, I highly recommend this program. Front Page is also a program for designing web sites. HTH
I've built a number of websites for some non profits. I learned a lot of things the hard way, not a problem for non profits. This is your business, if you don't know what you're doing you need some help setting it up. Setting a bad first impression when advertising is worse than not advertising

You need to figure out the hosting issue, what kind of bandwidth/traffic are you going to pull?

Are you actually doing commerce on the site or is it just a "billboard".

What name or URL are you going to give it, who's going to handle the registering.

What are you going to do to promote the site?

Ironically, the best advertising for web design is word of mouth or looking at the authors of sites that you find appealing. You can find some of this information using Internet Explorers VIEW > SOURCE tabs. You can usually find the author and composing program in the heading.

You might also consider taking a community college course in the subject, if you decide not to DIY then you'll make some contacts.

HI Dayna,
I own a company that helps build websites for small to medium businesses at affordable prices. I can show you what a sample of your business website could look like online.

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