Where to purchase mirrors for workout room?


Thats exactly what I did! i used to have this HUGE mirror - 2+ feet wide and 7 feet tall (and very heavy) but got rid of it when i moved. wish i had it now - the seams in the Wallyworld mirrors annoy me! ahhhh, no exercise for me for a bit anyway as I recover from shoulder impigement surgery yesterday!
Mary, hope your recovery is quick and you are back to working out (safely) soon!


You didn't mention a price range or if you wanted a full wall mirror or a small mirror. Anyway, I had two of these full length mirrors (72" x 100") put in my workout room. The cost listed is the total cost of materials and installation, nothing hidden (except I gave the installers a tip as well). I had them come out last year to install the first one and then a couple of months ago for the second one. I love them! It makes my section of the basement seem so much larger!

They're national so they will install anywhere. It may take up to a month for them to find an installer so you'll have to be patient. The price is really, really good (I had local glass/mirror companies come out and they wanted more than twice that amount).


Pic of the first one I had installed (the other one is now behind the weight bench/squat rack...I'll have to take a current pic soon):


When I finally get my gym out of the dining room(!) I'm contacting these guys. I hate seams and have often wondered who to call for full-length mirrors, besides the local glass companies who charge top dollar. Thanks for the tip.


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My wife found this company online, and they were very helpful. I installed the mirror after they delivered it. Best prices we could find for DIY.

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