Where is the "FUN" in Power Hour?


I feel like I am the only one who is not having fun doing Power Hour. I use an average five pounds less than I would use with the PS Series and I am really tired after Power Hour. Do I have to go really light in order to see the fun part?
I guess that depends on your definition of "fun". There's alot of us weirdos on the forum that think fun is something that leaves you feeling tired and worked over, lol! We're gluttons for punishment.

Power Hour is a tough tape....I found that out when I did it twice in three days! The fun part for me is the variety ...it's different from all the other Cathe workouts.

To me weight lifting is more cool than it is fun....I like being able to lift heavy, and I like the looks of having visible muscles. To each his own....it's a trade off, this looking good (better) stuff.
Despite the facts that PH is hard, exhausting, and sweat inducing, I think that it's fun because of three things: the music, the exercises themselves and the sequencing, and the mood of Cathe and her crew. You can see them grimacing and sweating, but they seem to be having a great time. I love when the last rep of the last set ends at the exact same time as the song!
Power Hour wipes me out too. But then again I prefer split/heavy workouts to total body/endurance workouts. I go way lighter on this tape than any others. At first it made me feel like a pathetic wimp but then I got over it. The sections of PH that I dread are the static lunges and biceps. But I actually enjoy the back section. I keep chugging along with PH because obviously I need that endurance work and it's a nice change of pace from all the heavy stuff.

I think the fun in Power Hour might be living through it to tell the tale.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who cannot even consider doing this tape every other day! By the time I get to the triceps, I can't even think about using 25# barbell (which is what Cathe is using) And those bicycles! forget it. Funny though, I like the biceps and I can actually go a little heavier than Cathe does on the tape (17 1/2 rather than 15)

But the absolute WORST is the lunge section with dumbbells where you do 7 low ends TWICE IN A ROW!

Well I don't have PS yet (getting it soon) so I cannot compare it to that. But I find for myself that when I go lighter on weight workouts (MIS and PH) I get much more enjoyment out of it. I know that Cathe says to lift the most you can to get the benefit, but I just find that when I lift the absolutely most I can, it is just so difficult and not one bit fun. Also, when I start getting bored I change my rotation and do another weight tape or power yoga.

Good luck to you!!
Power Hour is a quickly paced total body workout. Lots of exercises are new (to me) or at least have a twist. I think it's most like Body Max's upper body section in tempo since there's little to no rest as you work a body part. There is a little break between body parts when Cathe gives form pointers for the next section (& I wipe off, drink & change my barbell). Also you hit the legs w/ squats & plies, then do chest & back, then hit the legs again with lunges so your legs do get a little recovery. Lots of low end stuff that makes one squeal. I must be masochistic - it's my favorite. The split workouts like Pure Strength & S&H are great for building muscle mass quickly but I love PH for muscular endurance. And as someone noted, Cathe & her crew look like they're working hard but having fun.
The awesome music is where the fun is for me, it really makes me happy. I enjoy power hour because I can use a light weight and still feel quite challenged. I can squat with a 50 lb barbell in slow and heavy, but put a 10lb barbell on my shoulders for power hour and I'm whining like a baby. Also, each segment is pretty short, and the whole thing is just an hour. You can do anything for an hour. If it's not fun, lighten those weights. An empty barbell is enough, you'll feel it.

Also, I'm here to shout that power hour DOES make nice cuts in your muscles! The heavier workouts made my muscles big, but with only vague cuts. I definitely would make this part of your collection.
I am glad I am not the only one who thinks PH is a tough one. I will try to lighten my weight a little bit next time and to turn up the music. Maybe that will help. Currently the "funnest" tape I have is Circuit Max. It always makes me happy.
Three cheers for Circuit Max! And Power Hour too - they're both tough (those PH low ends are torture) but I love the feeling when I'm done. Think I'll do Circuit Max tonight.
Try not to focus on the amount of weight. Power Hour is designed to work those muscles out with less weight. The emphasis is on endurance, more reps, less weight. Wait for the blast of "fun" when your workout is over! That's when it hits me. YeeHaaa! I am done! I survived another one! :)

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I just ordered this video. If it is anything like the Body Pump classes at the gym then it really isn't meant to be used with heavy weights at all. Those classes can be pretty challenging, I feel my biceps curl into a ball by the end of the last few reps and no other workout hits them so that they hurt on the top part.
The squats kill ... bottom halves! 3 down 3 ups followed by singles! My quads spasm. I got Ph because I heard it has a BP feel to it and want a home workout like it. But yes if it is like BP then a lot of people are hurting!

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