Where can I listen to and get the backround music from??


Hello, my name is Dave, I am 26 years of age, work out a lot, love watching fit tv along with my friends and myself. I watch Cathe a lot and work out to her tv shows when I have some free time. I would love to know haha.. where to get the track listings.. the songs and mixes that plays in the back round on her tv shows on fit tv ?? Any cds, websites or what not where I can obtain the songs/ mixes and or the track listings, anyone know please? My e-mail is cruisingdave22@yahoo.com Thanks, Dave.


There are several companies that have workout music, like www.musclemixesmusic.com , www.powermusic.com and www.dynamixmusic.com . Dynamix used to sell a DVD of some of the music in the Intensity series, but I don't see it there anymore. Other than that, there is no exact match for Cathe's music, but you can find certain songs on various mixes. Most of these sites have samples you can listen to.

Much of Cathe's music is mixed by DJ Brian Howe, and you can find other mixes by him.


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