What's your favorite Body Blast?


I know I'm going to get Body Blast next, since I finally got all the Intensity Series, but I'm curious what everyone's favorite Body Blast workout is?

How are the premixes on these DVDs?



There are TONS of premixes on these discs. You'll be impressed!

My favorite is KP&C. I like all of them, but as far as the rest of this series, I typically use the premixes, whereas KP&C I typically do 'as-is.' There are some really nice premixes combining Step Blast with SJ&P!
well... i like KPC and legs & glutes as my favorite dvd....

i really like SJP too....
cute work out clothes are good for AT LEAST an additional 10-15 calories burned!


There are more premixes on these dvds than there are hours in the day to do them. The premixes are outstanding, and take this series from being "great" to "awesome".

My favourite dvd is SJP/SB. SB is my favourite Cathe cardio, hands down. I love to do these two workouts as produced, but find the premixes that blend the two workouts together are genius.

Whatever dvd you pick, you won't regret it!


I feel like all of Cathe's workouts are greater than I have time for. :( It makes me want to quit my day job and become a personal trainer!!! ;)

It sounds like the Body Blast series is a winner- does this mean the Time Saver one too?


I use the workouts from this series more than any other. I love SJP and reach for it the most. I love the premixes from push pull. I have seen results from the upper body premixes. I also use the premixes that combine the legs & glutes and KPC alot. This series is a must have.



Step Blast. Great choreography and music. Great blasts at the end so you go out with bang.

Then I like KPC. Best kickbox workout ever, IMHO.

I also like Supersets, though many don't, becuase it's great for a total body w/o on days when you don't have much time and the music rocks. I often do this w/o when i'm not motivated to workout because the muslc carries me through. I sing along and beat my feet when lifting that barbell in time to the music.



It sounds like these are just what I need. I've got my new stability ball coming next week, so the one workout that's on the ball will be perfect.

I think I need to get Timesaver, too. Anyone have it but not use it? I'd be curious why not.


"I think I need to get Timesaver, too. Anyone have it but not use it? I'd be curious why not."

Yes, I had the Timesaver, but just never used it much. I borrowed it to my DD to help introduce her to Cathe.

I just didn't have a need for short workouts, I guess, and the times I tried it I didn't feel fully worked. Now, if I was working again, maybe it would have a place in my rotation. I am not limited by time much at this point, so I prefer the longer workouts.

I also think that with all the great pre-mixes, Timesaver was unnecessary for me.

I feel like CTX does a better job for shorter workouts.


FAB 40

I agree with Kim. KPC/LG is the best and premixes are excellent. I did all standing LG premixes (2times) and had an outter body. experience.(


Step Blast is my favorite Body Blast workout, and probably my favorite cardio workout of all times. The premixes are awesome in this series, which for me, make Timesaver completely redundant. I have it, but never use it. It makes for a great intro to the BB series, however, so you might want to start with it.



I love love love Step Blast. It is really fun and a great workout.

If you are getting all of the other DVDs, I wouldn't bother with the Timesaver. I bought it and it has great combos of workouts on it, but they are almost entirely from the series. I would use that money to get the Classics or Cardio Hits, instead, personally. :)

Good luck!!


I agree with the previous poster who said if you are getting the entire series you don't need timesaver. I have it and the only one I use is the leg workout. It's great because it has most of legs/glutes with some footage from SJP.

I don't have a favorite because I love the entire series but lately, the ones I use the most are KPC and SJP and when I feel like just working the legs -legs/glutes.

I use a lot of the pre-mixes. I could be very fit with just the Intensity series and bodyblast series. I think these two series are her best. I use them more than the Hardcore series, which is good too.


Another vote for K,P,C and L & G! I love all the dvds in this series. I did get rid of the Timesaver, however. It seemed to me easy enough to just DO shorter portions from the workouts (eg. the Timesaver from K,P,C was just the workout without the combos -- I didn't need a special dvd to skip the combos). I never used Timesaver. I also don't mind having to change dvds to compose a tailor-made workout. I often use Cathe's abs as add-ons to other workouts. That's just me, though. A lot of others really love Timesaver.

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