What to wear at dinner/reception???


With this being all new to me, what do people normall wear at the dinners and reception? I know I saw on the list of things to bring said casual clothes. What is considered casual? Jeans and a nice top or Docker's? I don't want my husband and I to be under or over dressed when we go to the dinner.

Tomorrow is the big day!!!


Epcot Chick

I am just wearing capri pants and depending on the weather a tank top or a t shirt. It looks like it's going to be mild and stormy this weekend. Too bad, my husband and son are supposed to golf on Saturday! :confused:


This is my first RT too so I don't have personal experience.

I'm packing capris and jeans, and will likely wear the capri pants to dinner. I'm also bringing t-shirts and blouses.

See you tomorrow!:D


Some will dress up and some will dress down. You'll be fine whatever you decide. See you soon. :)

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