What is it with Pullups?


Cathe's newsletter article, "Strength Training: Why It’s Important to Do Exercises You Hate," immediately made me think of pullups. I really "hate" pullups.:p

The only way I can do pullups is to constantly work on them. If I practice them all the time, I can maybe get up to 3 or 4 unassisted (and even then I have to give a little "hop" to get myself up). But if I stop for even a few days, I lose all progress immediately and can't even eek out 1--not even close. What is up with that? It drives me nuts!

There isn't any other exercise that is so hard for me and that I lose all progress with. For example: if I don't do pushups regularly, I might not be able to do as many as I could if I was really focusing on them, but I CAN still do them. Or I might not be able to lift as much weight as I can when I just finish a round of STS, but I can still lift heavy. I can pull out any workout and use the same weight I have in my notes.

Is it because I haven't been doing pullups nearly as long as I've been doing other exercises? Did I mention I really "hate" pullups?

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. Feel free to chime in with exercises you "hate" but are good for you.


I hear ya sista! I hate pull-ups too. It just amazes me to watch Cathe do them in the STS dvd's. I would love to hear how she worked her way up to doing them like that and if she still can.


Yes, pull-ups!

IMHO, they are THE hardest exercise of all because you're lifting your body weight - that's why a lot of people who can bench really heavy can't do pull-ups. I got so I could do about 10, but slacked off & now a just about starting over. I use the Iron Woody bands as assistance. Just keep at it - they are SO worth it, even if you love to hate them! Don't have to love doing them, love what they do FOR you!


I don't like them either. I have a pull up bar in my gym and there are days I literally glare at it. With both pull ups and chin ups, you are hoisting your entire body weight up with mainly your back muscles assisted with biceps, triceps and forearm muscles and the heavier you are, including fit people, that's your entire body weight, so even doing a couple you are way ahead of the curve. If you have access to a lat pulldown machine you can essentially work those muscle groups including the latissimus dorsi and forearm muscles with different positions. Don't lean back though, when pulling down, form is everything. I have a a lat pulldown machine and use that after pullups to round off my back workout, but some days I just do not want to touch that bar!

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