What has been most successful for you?


Hi Everyone
So I'm always trying to figure out my perfect formula and figured I'd reach out to you all to see what has been successful for you. Is it really possible to get lean and fit working out 4 days a week for under an hour?
Between HIIT, P90X3, T25, Piyo and the Power of 10 book, I keep hearing that less can be more and too much can have more negative than positive effects.
Please help me figure this all out!


Lean is from diet, fit is from workouts, so I say yes.

Watch sugars. Go for slow burn carbs like brown rice and quinoa. Love quinoa made with broth instead of water, so delicious!
Count calories to avoid too few and too many.
Focus on olive oil, avocado, coconut oil, and protein for your calorie sources. Some of my favorites combine vegetable protein and carbs like lentils. So tasty with olive oil vineagrette.
Try calorie cycling and tapering. Allow a cheat meal every week to avoid plateaus.
I personally like two circuit style workouts and two to three cardio per week. But, if it's only two, so what? If you like splits, do that.

Love your workouts and they will love you back.


I just discovered Kettlebells. Amazing---efficient way to do cardio/strength--working out w/them three days a week is changing my body for the better!


Just got some heavier kettle bells and will be starting to work them in! Awesome. I'll get that nutrition down sooner or later too - I do avoid sugars. Counting calories is always a problem.


As I get older I find that I absolutely CANNOT exercise my way out of a bad diet :mad: So now I just do 4 days a week and a healthy diet. So much easier to maintain with that approach. My exercise is now just to stay physically healthy. My nutrition really is the key for me to keep my weight down.

Also doing 4 workouts a week is much kinder to my body(I'm 42). I get better fitness gains and I feel stronger when I add more rest into my program.


I am 51 and for me heavy wts, little cardio (only metabolic cardio) seems to work for me. Diet is essential, if I eat clean I never need to worry about my wt. I have definitely seen a few unwanted pounds in my mid section due to menopause but I can handle this. For me, Xtrain, x10 and the LIS have made the difference, I am in better shape now than I was in my 40's.


I have had my best success with focusing on my diet. I find I only need to workout 4 times a week. 20-60 minutes per time, intensely. With shorter workouts I find my diet much easier to control. I used to work out an hour every day, hard, and I could not stop eating. With shorter and fewer workouts I find it easier to prepare good healthy food and eat the right amount, and be satisfied. So much happier!!


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