What am I doing wrong?



Help! I have been doing the 6 month rotaion of STS and I am currently in M3, W2. I eat very clean for the most part and occaisional cheat here and there. I am not achieving nearly the results that other women are posting. In fact I ran into a friend who I have not seenin a while (btw a Cathe fanatic) and she did not even notice any changes in my body at all.

I would love to hear any thoughts you have.

Just wondering if you also did the cardio in the rotation? Did you do 1rm and are still lifting to failure? Did you try counting calories for a few days to see how much you are eating ? (may be too much even if all clean or too little.)
Not Cathe but she may be able to answer better with more info.

Thanks so much, I have been checking and checking, awaiting a response. I track my calories (I actually weigh my food) and follow burn the fat feed the muscle. I got weighed in a tank, my BF% is 15-16%, so I did not do much cardio at all. I did do the ORM and I am lifting to failure, my strenthg has increased in my upper body, but that is about it.
I think there are all different types and sizes of people doing STS. I had 50lbs to lose and so if I say I have lost 10lbs without telling you my start weight, you might have been impressed. I also have a lot of inches to lose. Those may be the results you are seeing from others. I would love to be your body fat % but that doesn't help you. I hope Cathe answers your question. You may want to also ask fitness freak. I don't think she was doing STS but she always seems to have good answers. Good luck and don't get discouraged.


Thanks for the encouraging words. I came across a woman who was 132 and got to 102 at my height. Wow! I had already been thinking I could use to lose a few pounds not much but 5 would be great. Once I saw her results I thought for sure something is not right. I willpm fitness freak. tannks for the suggestion.


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