Weekend Check in Saturday September 12th & Sunday September 13th, 2020


Hi Everyone,

Today I did a workout blender workout of RWH and Xtrain. I added on 3 rounds of a tabata type mcfit method workout + my own stretch. still dripping in sweat.

I am in the office most of the weekend. Wow it's been busy for months!

Enjoy your day and the cooler weather :)


Hi Ladies,

Cooper helping me preview Cathe Athletic Training. He's not impressed A. No Chasing the Squirrels! B. The window's in the back show nothing for him to look at. C. Nothing for him to really mark except the Weight Towers. Cooper say's paws down
I'll have my verdict tomorrow. However, I would have liked some Grateful Dead or Jimmy Buffett music :p

Geoff & Cooper AKA Bark Master C



I took a 40 minute walk downtown. I wore a knee brace and now my knee is burning like fire. .

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