Weekend check-in Dec 8-9


Good morning, ladies!

Just got done with Timesaver #2. I used to know these so well--this series was one of my favorites. So much fun!


Hi ladies,

I am beat from my workouts this week, but it finally paid off and I was down 1.25 pounds this morning!!!! Before today I had been at the same weight ( which was up like 4+ pounds) from one of my lows, so seeing the scale move in the right direction was good to see!!

Funny thing about all the workouts(especially on the elliptical) yesterday I was having trouble getting my knee high socks on because my calves were sooo pumped up,[emoji44][emoji54][emoji16].

Have a great day and workouts everyone!![emoji16]

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Timesaver #3 in books. Way to go Calico I’m weight loss— I recently broke into 140’s after hanging in 150s for a couple of years. Encouragement to keep exercise — plus endophins!

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